Mixtape Maker / Heart Breaker

with Julia Factorial

Sunday, July 31, 2005
15:00 to 17:00

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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Comp
skunk (there'll be other girls) hoss last american virgin twintone "local boys make good" circa 1989
slapshot i've had enough step on it taang!
lungfish wailing like dragons feral hymns dischord *
sleepytime trio 30 equals plus 6000 lovitt
magik markers untitled track 2 live cd s/r
pussy galore just wanna die groovy hate f*ck shove
los spitfires ven cerca girls in the garage vol. 8 romulan C
bad news bats torgo get outta philly tickticktick so goddamn rad. awesome ladies. * C
the omens try just try 7' hipsville *
sleater kinney i wanna be your joey ramone call the doctor chainsaw
silverfish pink & lovely fat axl touch and go
the shaggs my pal foot foot philosophy of the world rounder major what-the-fuck. this is incredible.
cadallaca you're my only one introducing cadallaca k
built to spill cortez the killer live warner bros
currituck co. don't the road look rough & rocky ghost man on second troubleman unlimited dude from Aden *
hazel dickens & alice gerrard won't you come and sing for me? classic bluegrass vol. 2 smithsonian folkways * C
the proclaimers over and done with this is the story
lemonheads bit part it;s a shame about ray atlantic jon solomon please forgive me.
some velvet sidewalk dinosaur appetite for extinction k
prisonshake i hear your name i'm really f*cked now scat
short dogs grow my house matt dillon rough trade
the places the damn insane asylum mile: a hush comp hush * C
xiu xiu baby captain la foret 5rc *
kraftwerk neon lights minimum maximum emi *