All You Do Is Eat and Sleep, Learning Nothing of the World

with deirdre dionysiac

meet your new networking star

Tuesday, January 29, 2019
14:00 to 18:00
giving in
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
. what year is this? s3ep18 .
ASMUS TIETCHENS in memoriam p. f. aus freude am elend die stadt 1988/2008
ZRU VOGUE the artist assembly for body movements musiques electroniques actuelles 2018 (rec. 1983)
ZNR armistice couronne de fueillages barricade 3 isadora 1976
ZAZOU BIKAYE nostalgie mr. manager crammed discs 1985
BABLA indian aartis babla's disco sensation polydor 1980
VYACHESLAV MESCHERIN'S ORCHESTRA music box easyussr epic 2002 (rec. 1961-1980)
BRUNO SPOERRI baustellenmusik rare & unreleased 1971-1998 wrwtfwwr 2018
UN DEPARTEMENT elisabeth stresa un departement un departement production 1981
PETER HOWELL greenwich chorus bbc radiophonic workshop 21 bbc records 1979
A TOUCH OF KENNETH NASH fresca music from a far away place music west records 1987
{~u~n~d~e~r~~m~i~c~} WALT ROCKMAN nautilus i / nautilus ii underwater vol. 1 sonoton 1980
ASTRO AGE STEEL ORCHESTRA bikini rock happy living sony records 1994
LORAD GROUP risveglio all'alba sul tempo lily record 2018 (orig. 1988)
A.R.T. WILSON sun sign cancer overworld growing bin records 2014
KEN-ICHIRO ISODA hoshi no tanjo [the birth of a star] nachuraru torippu majieru no hoshi apollon 1990, + raindrops
TAKASHI KOKUBO takumi [artisan] (excerpt) barcelona ~ gaudi's dream ~ studio ion 1992
VITO RICCI mi my little life seance centre 2017
LORAD GROUP autobus sul tempo lily record 2018 (orig. 1988)
VIRNA LINDT underwater boy shiver the compact organization 1984
CHRISTIAN BONNEAU ectasy dreamland musical touch sound ????
{~u~n~d~e~r~~m~i~c~} YUTAKA HIROSE humming the sea soundscape 2: nova misawa home 1986
VIOLENT ONSEN GEISHA love child, happy parade que sera, sera (things go from bad to worse) rail recordings 1995
MILKY WAY BAND rock and roll / message 69 quarter diary asia record co., ltd. 1989
WORLD STANDARD billy strange country country gazette daisyworld discs 1997
BOUTAIBA SGHIR malgre tout 1970's algerian proto-rai underground sublime frequencies 2008
BARNEY WILEN sannu ne gheinyo moshi saravah 1972
ZYPRESSEN etude zypressen belle antique 1996
BACIAMIBARTALI kill myself 1 baciamibartali and winter light spittle records 2016 (orig. 1982)
WALLY BADAROU hi-life echoes island records 1984
CHILDREN'S ENSEMBLE "AI IA" fadiashakhi dadadebis dghe melodija 1991
DAVID CROSS early dance music hoisting the black flag united dairies 1980
VAMPIRES' SOUND INCORPORATION countdown to nowhere psychedelic dance party wah wah records 1969/2016
BRUNO SPOERRI soft art theme gluckskugel finders keepers 2008 (rec. 1980)
440 HERTZ ich grolle nicht - nach schumann/heine + 440 hertz terz 1987
45 GRAVE riboflavin-flavored, non-carbonated, polyunsaturated blood darker skratcher los angeles free music society 1980
BUNDESVERWALTUNGSORCHESTER [or, BVO] piranhas sind im swimmingpool tanzpalast emi 1982
TERMINAL antigen australia abstracte (barcelona avant-garde & industrial 1981-1986) domestica 2017 (rec. 1981)
THE 49 AMERICANS love has solved my problems too young to be ideal! choo choo train records 1980
{~u~n~d~e~r~~m~i~c~} AFROCULT FOUNDATION brothers & sisters black goddess
ADN' CKRYSTALL naiv partisan trilogie vol. a: the museum sessions [from 1978-1988] vinyl-on-demand 2008
ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL do you feel it inside? absolute body control body records 1981
VOX POPULI! ectoplasme i ectoplasmies vp 231 1983
ABSENT MUSIC walking back to happiness absent ep ee tapes 2012
AHMED FAKROUN nisyan ahmed fakroun pmg 2016
AFTER THE FLOOD heavens to betsy after the flood manna 1991
WILBURN BURCHETTE raising the pyramid of power guitar grimoire numero group, burchette brothers productions 1973/2016
UTILISATION DU VIEUX-PORT staccato a corps bilateraux self-released 1982
CHALK CIRCLE easy escapes reflection mississippi records 2011
48 CHAIRS too nice for nigel 70% paranoid cache cache, finders keepers records 2018 (orig. 1982)
23 SKIDOO iy seven songs fetish records 1982
BRENDA AND THE BEACH BALLS rain keeps falling volume one probe plus 1986
4-D MODE 1 tabi no hito [a traveler] a style of building telegraph records 1985
100 FLOWERS contributions 100 years of pulchritude rhino records 1990
BARBARA MANNING never park lately i keep scissors heyday records 1989
{~u~n~d~e~r~~m~i~c~} BUSHIDO intrigue deliverance third mind records 1985
[end credits] YUKAKO HAYASE il (beddo no nakade wa) [il (in bed)] bara no shippo [rose's tail] sixty 1989