Kelvin 5-0-6

with George Oxygen

Thursday, January 10, 2019
20:00 to 23:00
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Artist Song Album New
William Onyeabor The Moon and the Sun Box Set
Sufjan Stevens Lonely Man of Winter` Lonely Man of Winter
Jacques Dutronc Les metamorphoses Il est cinq heures
Yoko Ono I Love All of Me WARZONE *
Blonde Redhead For the Damaged Coda Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons
Jacqueline Taieb 7 Heure Du Mat The French Mademoiselle
Traffic Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring Traffic
Esquivel! Lazy Bones Exploring New Sounds in Stereo
Cat Stevens I Think I See the Light Mona Bone Jakon
Esquivel! Mucha Muchacha Cabaret Manana
Kate Bush Wuthering Heights The Kick Inside
Phil Manzanera TNK 801 Live
Autechre FLeure Exai
Madeline Kenney Bad Idea Perfect Shapes *
Shmu Running Out of Time Lead Me to the Glow *
Dungen Det du Tanker idag ar du i morgon Ta Det Lugnt
Borbetomagus Snuff Jazz Side A
Thomas Dolby One of Our Submarines Blinded by Science
U96 Das Boot Das Boot
The Honeydrippers Impeach the President Impeach The President
Taymur Streng Das Sentimentale UFO Magnetband: Experimenteller Elektronik Underground DDR 1984-1989
A. F. Moebius Erika Magnetband: Experimenteller Elektronik Underground DDR 1984-1989
Kriminelle Tanzkapelle Klatschmohn Magnetband: Experimenteller Elektronik Underground DDR 1984-1989
Thirsty Moon Sudwind Blitz
Der Plan Gummitwist Perlen
Michel Waisvisz Radio oranj Angelica 1996
La Monte Young Sarabande Just West Coast
Nagual Beginning of Peter's Journey Igor Wakhevitch
Glaze of Cathexis Desolation Spirituals The Amorphous Infinity
Demetrio Stratos Metrodora Metrodora
Animal Collective Bees Feels
Shooby Taylor Stout-Hearted Man Songs in the Key of Z
Books on Tape The Crucial Sings the Blues
Negativland Why is this Commercial? Dispepsi
Der Plan Gefahrliche Clowns Perlen
Kayo Dot All the Pain in All the Wide World Plastic House on Base of Sky
AMM For Ute Split Series #4