don't back the front

with dana k

Artist Song Album Comments New
desperate bicycles don't back the front 7" 1977
pere ubu final solution terminal tower 1985
china shop atlantis homework 105 1981
art yard the law boston underground 1979-1982 1981
mirrors hands in my pockets punk 45: extermination nights in the sixth city 2015 (orig. mid 70s)
tall dwarfs gravity human music 1988
suburban homes magazine version e.p. 3 2018
cabaret voltaire nag nag nag wanna buy a bridge? 1980
natural man & the flamin' hot band electrical man ep 2018
x-ray spex art-i-ficial germ free adolescents 1979
sick things antisocial disease the legendary sick things ep 1983
the nerves tv adverts 7" 1978
sillies is there lunch after death? hyped 2 death #2 1979
they must be russians where have i seen you? hicks from the sticks 1981
c. memi + neo matisse no chocolate 7" 1981/2018
9353 famous last words to whom it may consume 1984
bpeople can can't petrified conditions 1986
honor role lives of the saints no. 135 (naked wife) human music 1988
pragVEC the follower 7" 1979
chronophage racing prolog for tomorrow 2018
negative scanner 6 ft hole nose picker 2018 *
lime crush connective tissue sub divide 2018
es unsavoury union typical girls vol 4 2018 *
charles de goal dans le labyrinthe algorhythmes 1980
eyesores exodus rising eyesores 2018
the intelligence platinum janitor live in san francisco 2018 *
steve treatment negative nights 5 a-sided 45 1978
fflaps dilyn dylan amhersain 1988
the birthday party mutiny in heaven mutiny 1983
magazine the light pours out of me real life 1978
bruce gilbert black mirror ex nihilo 2018