Post Post Scum

with Mama Rotten

Thursday, January 3, 2019
23:00 to 01:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
Witch Prophet Loops The Golden Octave Toronto
The Elite Feel the Heat DEMO
Magic Dirt Eat your Blud Signs of Satanic Youth Melbourne
Scrap Brain MPNQ Unhappy Hardcore
Honeymoon Killers Tanks a lot Hung Far Low
Tsunami Valentine Deep End Simple Machines
Blonde Redhead Without Feathers S/T Smells Like Records
Crunt Sexy S/T Trance Syndicate Records
Banque Allemande Schiaf an Einem Anderen Tag Willst Du Chinese Sein S-S
Party of One Shock to the System Caught the Blast Fast Cat
Ohmme Peach Parts Joyful Noise *
The Body + Thou He Returns To The Place Of His Iniquity You, Whom I Have Always Hated Thrill Jockey
Yowler Grizzly Bear Black Dog in My Path Double Double Whammy *
Purling Hiss Passenger Queen Hissteria Richie
Wax Chattels Facebook S/T Captured Tracks/Flying Nun *
PC Worship Future Phase Future Phase
Battershell Mess Sunshine in Popopia Ng
The Orphans Falling Down Everybody Loves You When You're Dead Unity Squad
Dickless I'm a Man S/T 7"
Dirt Magic Choker Signs of Satanic Youth
Crystalized Movements Third Half The Wideness Comes
Shitkid Likagurl Fish
Mudwimin For!?! Skiz
NECIA Prayer: Punching Nazis Single
8 Bark Perpetual Scowl Scam Underdog