Two States: Local Music From Both Sides of the Delaware River

with Maria T

Your new favorite band just happens to live around the corner from you.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005
16:00 to 19:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
mazarin for energy inifinite we're already there i and ear *
mazarin shcrode(er)/inger we're already there i and ear *
mazarin louise we're already there i and ear *
wilde things my life is black crude pa vol. 2 distortions C
thee minks girl on the go are you ready now? steel cage *
brother jt shine like me hang in there baby drag city
spent a life of illusion umbrella wars merge 'cause im just not happy if i cant play something from merge records. dig?
howard & tim's paid vacation fit in i never met a girl i didnt like midnight uh, 1/2 of this group is the publicist for devendra banhart

i talk, you listen, you cringe.
denison witmer are you a dreamer? are you a dreamer? the militia group sufjan stevens is on this. *
the chairman of the board finders keepers lost soul volume 2 epic C
essau / group all because of us the best of melron records philly archives * C
emerson brown / del rios den of love the best of melron records philly archives * C
eltro say it velodrome absolutely kosher
icy demons jump off 7" w/ pit er pat polyvinyl * C

words words words
phosphenes asexual s/t coyote for jannon! R
chromolodeon eloquence is dead in the year 20XX self released
zen guerilla slipknot split 12" w/ caterpillar deadbeat
diplo track #1 favela on blast self released *
george draguns sharpened sticks on fire huffing gas *

no useful information when im on the air...
harold melvin & the blue notes pretty flower to be true philadelphia international w/ teddy pendergrass
cynthia g mason surprise, az believer magazine 2005 believer magazine richard buckner cover. * C
espers firefly refrain believer magazine 2005 believer magazine fursaxa cover * C
fiction romance trash the EP self released *
burning brides heart full of black leave no ashes V2
the toms i wanna be a teen again yellow pills numero group the bridge in this song SLAYS me. C

at this point, you're begging me to stop talking.
rye coalition "doing it" with beautiful posture hee saw duh kaet gern blandsten
lifetime turnpike gates jerseys best dancers Jade Tree
ruin hero songs of reverie & ruin black hole R
bodies in panic ism this aint rock and roll (then what the hell is it?) buy our records / penguin platters
regressive aid lil abnormalities 7" malleable music
bad news bats mother-brain get outta philly tick tick tick * C
miss tk & the revenge concentrate xoxo gern blandsten ex-lifetime! R
frantic freddie milander charmaine absolutely allentown positively 19th street * C
bc camplight blood & peanut butter hide, run away one little indian *

blah blah blah
the spinto band oh mandy nice and nicely done Bar None *
dump pop life the skinny guy with the high voice? shrimper
the wayward wind postcards from the wind wait for green manic pop thrill *
golden ball leap of faith the luxury of pause honeymoon music *

gringo motel pueblo return of el lobo self released *