Goat Crossing Above the Sky

with Miriam and Gil

Wednesday, December 12, 2018
23:00 to 01:00
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Artist Song Album New
Engine Kid windshield angel wings
george brigman id like to tie a knot around your mothers throat i can hear the ants dancin
The Antlers Epilogue Hospice
The Dutchess and the Duke reservoir park shes the dutchess hes the duke
The Gizmos reggae song rock and roll dont come from new york
Dave And Ansel Collins the heavy heavy monster sounds of dave and ansel collins double barrel
Bear Grass i began Left *
Astronauts Etc Symbol Land living in symbol
mirah lighthouse understanding *
sondre lerch stupid memory the golden republic
the bluestar hometown hero free cake for every create *
lightspeed champion the big guns of highsmith life is sweet! NICE TO MEET you
the storkes partners in crime comedown machine
bobb trimble another lonely angel harvest of dreams
Matt Pond PA closer the nature of maps
fugazi great cop in on the kill taker
shonen knife antonio baka guy pretty little baka guy
L shankar little stinker touch me there
tiny ruins chainmail maker brightly painted one
brigitte fontaine pour le patron brigitte
edith frost temporary loan calling over time
idle bloom artifacts flood the dial
matt & kim i said lightning
mugison clip 10 little trip
pedro the lion bad things to such good people winners never quit
coral puzzle me pillow talk
mercury rev continuous trucks and thunder yerself is steam