Modernity Leave

with Sophia

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018
20:00 to 23:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments Request
Essential Logic Brute Fury Pedigree Charm Rough Trade 1982
Endgames Ecstasy Building Beauty Virgin 1983
Kano I'm Ready (Extended) 12" Emergency 1980 R
Colleen Grant Latin Parang 12" RH Productions 1980
Tommy Mandel Allow Me (to Destroy You) s/t Songshop 1981
Farmacia Nada de Nada Nada de Nada Discos Sordos 2008
Greg Vandike Heaven Doctor Rain Zing 1991
San Giovanni Bassista Summer Sweat Don't Go Fuzz Dance 1985
Luc-Hubert Séjor Pein' E Plezi Mizik Filamonik - Spiritual Sound Touloulou 1979
Man Jumping Aerotropix (Free Fall mix) 12" Cocteau 1985
Spike Hey Baby Go Dutch Spike Records 1982
The Necessaries More Real Event Horizon Sire 1982
Vance And Suzzanne I Can't Get Along With You (Vocal) 12" Vanton 1980
Shades of Love Keep In Touch (Body To Body) 12" Venture 1982 R
Fonda Rae Touch Me 12" Streetwave 1986
Mya & The Mirror Hesitation 12" Fuzz Dance 1982
Ellis "D" My Loleatta 12" Minimal 1987
Virgo Mechanically Replayed 12" T. J. Records Inc., Ltd R
Felix You Can't Hold Me Down (Extended) Tiger Stripes Sleeping Bag 1984
Patrick Cowley Menergy 12" Fusion 1981 R
Terry Baldwin Housemaster (Radio mix) 12" Trax 1987
Sweat Feel It 12" Azania 1990
Steve Parks Still Thinking of You 7" Reynolds Records 1978
Felt Sunlight 12" Cherry Red 1984
Grace Jones Pull Up To The Bumper (Larry Levan Mix) 12" GRC 1981