with Yann Koby

Wednesday, December 5, 2018
18:30 to 23:00
Electro/All Kinds
other shows

Artist Song Album Label Comments New
Public Practice Foundation Distance Is A Mirror Wharf Cat Records *
Half Human The New Trivle Positive Image Specious Arts *
Half Human Harbinger Positive Image Specious Arts *
Le Shok TV In My Eye We Are Electrocution Burger Records *
Die Form Leders Klub ZOO Dark Entries
Autechre #8 Draft 7:30 Warp
Tomas Barford Waiting for Us ft.Nina K Love Me Secretely Canadian
Thomas Azier Metropolitan Tribe Hylas 001 Hylas Records
Panda Bear I'm Not Comfy in Nautica United Acoustics
Leaders I am not a nixon Horrendous New Wave Lumpy Records
Turning Jewels Into Water Which Way is Home TJIW FPE Records
Canyons Dancing on Silk n/a n/a "DUMB MAGAZINE" (JP)
Frank and Tony Villa Seurat You Go Girl Scissor and Thread
Theo Parrish Heal Yourself and Move First Floor Pt. 2 Peacefrog Records
Nikita Legki Air (Ben Buitendijk Remix) Space Conquest Berg Audio Dub Techno
Hnny Apricots For The Very First Time Local Talk Micro House
Keita Sano Psychedelic Ants Totsu Let's Play House House
Joe REJ BIT HEMLOCK CH1 Hemlock Recordings Electronic
Genius of Time Juno Jam Juno Jam EP Running Back
TWINS n/a That Which Is Not Said 2MR Records
Alonzo Doctor City Machine Funk Is Our Game Kraftjerkz
Majore T Sleepy Hollow Anaphase EP Kratjerkz
Stakker Eurotechno Soundtrack n/a (Stakker) Soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQFTSXxB9cU
Hodge Blood Moon HEK025 Hemlock Recordings
Idealist Starflow Memories Part II Berg Audio
Jin Cromanyon Pulse Beat Personal Zombies Macadam Mambo
Akiko Yano I Sing ????? Midi Inc
Mori Ra Mermaid Edits Passport To Paradise
Outline Untitled A2 Blueprint 5 Blueprint
7FO Ten Ryu no Nukegara EM Records *
7FO Sou Ryu no Nukegara EM Records *
SEER Circles Detour 006 Detour
Fallbeil Rolling Dutch Rolling Dutch Valcrond Video
Egho Sinewaffe Pich Black Compilation BlueCode Records
J Slusher White Hell Ground Clone Spells Partial Magic Dark Techno
J Slusher Wetwired Ground Clone Spells Partial Magic Dark Techno
Seph Moon Flare Rua Augusta / Moon Flare Harry Klein Records
Nuages dreams n/a n/a (self-released
Vertical Mode Codes of DNA Sacred Circuits Vol. 1 Symbolic
Sully it's Your Love Carrier Keysound Recordings
Substance & Vainqueur Resonance Libration/Resonance Scion Versions
Orbital Halcyon On and On Orbital 2 n/a