Mixtape Maker / Heart Breaker

with Julia Factorial

Sunday, July 24, 2005
15:00 to 17:00

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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
blood thirsty lovers the mods go mad the delicate seam french kiss
archimedes badkar slum tre mnw woody, if you are checking over my playlist, i think you might be into this stuff. this is their album from 1977, swedish. don't hate me if you don't like it.
donovan josie the real donovan hickory
automatic head detonator desolation row what the f*ck do you know? lo-fi this is one of those records that sits around at the station and like, who the hell knows what it is, you know? and often times i will grab these albums because they look like no one has played them in 10 years and often i am surprised and sometimes i am disappointed. this was AWESOME. it is of course, a bob dylan cover and you can't really do wrong by that, but like, this version is like if EMF and jesus jones joined a karoake punk band, BUT IT DOESN'T SUCK. rad times
verbal assault anger battery your choice live - 10-28-1989 your choice live series
operation ivy caution s/t discography lookout
fiction romance trash the EP s/r local *
detention dead rock n' rollers expelled grand theft audio NJ OK!
d.b.l.i.t.y. cut my hair today dress british, look irish, think yiddish s/r allentown circa mid 70s *
rhythm pigs radio silence hyped to death #1 hyped 2 death us & canadian punk bands (letter R) 1975-1984 C
the cat hit the road jack thai beat a go go subliminal sounds C
the album leaf another day a lifetime of more arena rock album leaf / on! air! library! split EP R
smog i break horses kicking around a couple drag city so sad that it's wicked what bill callahan does to a song. it's just not human. this song makes me want to peel myself inside out and put new parts in. frontal lobotamy. wicked tears man.
mick turner in the morning you can hear the birds singing tren phantasma drag city
boxhead ensemble (track 3) quartets atavistic
town & country aubergine 5 thrill jockey
charlie tweddle (unttitled 1) fantastic greatest hits by eilrahc elddewt companion *
can spray future days mute *
outrageous cherry my suspicious midwest why don't we talk about something else rainbow quartz *
b.c. camplight parapaleejo hide, run away one little indian *
hermanos guzanos and life goes on... the worm people orange entropy more local *
amps for christ (and two ambigous figures) juicer in f major the beggar's garden shrimper
the terminals (what i've heard of) wyoming touch cargo records