What if..

with TB

Thursday, November 15, 2018
23:00 to 01:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request
Strawberry Shortcake Live Celebration s/t
Strawberry Shortcake Livr Strawberry Rap s/t
Yoko Ono w/the plastic ono band Hirake Fly ryko damn...
Yoko Ono O'wind (body is the scar of your mind Fly ryko so good....
Soran-Bushi, B. H. w/ Billy Harpet Trying to get ready s/t Denon
Brian Eno Burning airlines give you so much more Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)
Everything But The Girl goodbye sunday IdleWild
John Frusciante my smile is a rifle To the will of death R
Mark Adler Austin's Antics Labyrnith s/r hsi father... foor who is here
Arab on Radar Samurai Fight song 7" load records
Numbers Goin' Insane Numbers/Erase Errata 3" split Tigerbeat6
Numbers Palo Alto Numbers/Erase Errata 3" split Tigerbeat6
Schwermut forest there 7"
Eric Dolphy Les Outward Bound
Sun Ra Springtime Again Sleeping Beauty ahh... but not sprig yet
Blue Sandelwood soap That's Cool boring park love-ins
Grateful Dead Saint Stevens Live/Dead
Jackie-O Mitten Fitter Second ave. 2am The Magik Fire Music/Wow! ATP
Yoko Ono & the Plastic Ono Band Telephone Piece Fly Ryko
Yoko Ono & the Plastic Ono Band Between the take Fly Ryko
Gerty Farish Side B Pissed Officers/Gerty Farish split 7"
Raooul Mike.TV fresh and nubile Lookout! Records
Pamela and her Sons Wind Open Freak Golden Paradise Truly Bald *
Praxis 1984 s/t
Praxis NBS-A s/t
Echo & the Bunnymen The Killing Moon The Killing Moon
Headless Chickens Cruise Control Eros mix Cruise Control 12"
Party of one Midnight Gypsy Caught the blast Fat Cat Records
Pavement the exit theory Gold sounds EP matador
OOIOO No OOIOO Kill Rock Stars
The Wad Ron Is Wrong The Wad (7" ep) lumpy records