with Abyme

Saturday, November 10, 2018
17:00 to 19:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
Nick Drake One Of These Things First Nick Drake Island <3
Jethro Tull Velvet Green Songs From The Wood Chrysalis
King Crimson Epitaph In the Court of the Crimson King Atlantic
XTC Life Begins At The Hop Waxworks Virgin
Chuck Berry Little Queenie The Great Twenty-Eight Chess
Tom Tom Club Don't Say No Boom Boom chi Boom Boom Sire
Drop Sorrow Reflections EP Chapter 22
Bottomless Pit Fish Eyes congress "12 Comedy Minus One
Husker Du Powerline New Day Rising Cesstone Music
The Donner Party Godlike Porpoise Head of Blue-Eyed Mary The Donner Party Cryptovision
Intensive Care Middle-Aged Cynic Assault Down Memory Lane Guilty
Divine Horsemen It Doesn't Matter Devil's River SST
Dissent Run To The Light Epitome of Democracy Amity
Burning Itch The Basemen Intergalactic Asshat Heel Turn
Brick Mower Back To Haunt Me My Hateable Face Don Giovanni
The Boneless Ones Pipeline Skate For The Devil Boner
Brave New World I Care Initiation
Glenn Branca Second Movement Symphony No. 5 Blast First
Table Sugar Badlands Introductory Material Water Wing
Outer Spacist Behold Transfiguration Illness is A-Creepin' on a Come-Up Heel Turn
Masaki Batoh Sham No Umi A Ghost from The Darkened Sea Ghost House
Drainolith Qix Hysteria NNA Tapes
John Zorn Osaka Bondage Torture Garden Shimmy Disc
John Zorn Igneous Ejaculation Torture Garden Shimmy Disc
King Carcass Freefall Blind No. 6
Total Dead Planet Feel Beyond The Rim Majora
Chick Corea The Slide Tap Step Warner Bros