the sonic bloom

with esoterica

Tuesday, November 6, 2018
14:00 to 17:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
lalo schifrin dirty harry main title dirty harry soundtrack aleph 1972 C
television personalities paradise is for the blessed privilege fire 1989
protoculture dual colony horrendous new wave lumpy oe 2017/2018 C
scratch acid greatest gift subpop 100 subpop 1986 C
the sickidz l.s.d. the rebel kind sounds interesting 1983 C
television personalities the man who paints the rainbows privilege fire 1989
wipers nothin' to prove sub pop 100 subpop 1986 C
the slickee boys invisible people the rebel kind sounds interesting 1983 C
natural man tie me up horrendous new wave lumpy oe 2107/2018
five or six portrait pillows and prayers cherry red 1982 C
boyracer wanting for all the wrong reasons fling yr bonnet over the windmill emotional response 2018 *
en attendant ana intro lost and found trouble in mind 2018 *
wetware frequent dreamlands automatic drawing dais 2018 *
goat ghosts part 1 new games/rhythm & sound em 2018 *
facs skylarking/silencing negative houses trouble in mind 2018 *
charles williams what can i do? new orleans chess 1989 C
leaders i am not a nixon horrendous new wave lumpy oe 2017/2018 *
motorhead ace of spades no remorse island oe 1979/1994 C
van morrison madame george astral weeks warner brothers 1968
elvis costello this year's girl this year's model columbia 1978
modra manifestations of you the line for the men's room savage quality 2013
smiley lewis i'm coming down with the blues okeh rhythm and blues okeh/columbia 1982 C
charles williams rhythmatic rhythm new orleans chess 1989 C
the satans making deals pebbles vol. 2 bfd 1982
moving sidewalks 99th floor pebbles vol. 2 bfd 1982 1982 C
the sons of adam feathered fish pebbles vol. 2 bfd 1982 C
moby grape it's a beautiful day moby grape '69 columbia 1969
black sabbath sweet leaf we sold our soul for rock n' roll warner brothers 1972
minutemen corona double nickles on the dime sst 1984
television torn curtain marquee moon elektra 1977
teengenerate wild weekend (zeros cover) smash hits lp estrus 1995
television 1880 or so s/t capitol 1992
teengenerate just head (nervous eaters cover) smash hits lp estrus 1995
talking heads don't worry about the government talking '77 sire 1977
ry cooder cancion mixteca paris, texas soundtrack warner brothers 1985
johnny thunders and the heartbreakers the man with the golden gun/pipeline. personality crisis live at the lyceum ballroom 1985 fgl 1984
richard thompson (sandy denny, vox) the ballad of easy rider live! island 1976
thin lizzy romeo and the lonely girl jailbreak phonogram 1976
alice cooper elected alice cooper's greatest hits warner brothers 1974 R
7fo hou ryo nu nukegara (dragon's husk) em 2018 *
r.e.m. stumble s/t i.r.s. 1982
half human panorama positive image specious arts 2018 *
talking heads the democratic circus naked sire 1988 R
henry williams and eddie anthony georgia crawl georgia blues 1927-1933 bindlestiff 2016
generation x day by day s/t chrysalis 1978
wreckless eric (i'd go the) whole wide world big smash stiff 1977 R
negative scanner t.v. nose picker trouble in mind 2018 *
steve wynn tears won't help kerosene man rhino 1990
link wray and the wray men slinky s/t epic 1959
outer spacist psychonautic situation illness is a creepin' on a come-up heelturn 2018 *
ben edge and the electric pencils yellow house s/t almost ready 2018 *
the proletariat push back the murder of alton sterling 7" bridge nine 2018 *
dark blue fight to love fight to love 7" 12xu 2018 *
charnel ground skeleton coast s/t 12xu 2018 *
13th floor elevators roller coaster the psyhedelic sounds of 13th floor elevators international artists 1966
thin lizzy little darling rocker (1971-1974) london 1977 C
wire in vivo (7" edit) in vivo 12" enigma 1989
hotline tnt are you faded cool if i crash 7" 2018 *