with Abbie from Mars

Monday, November 5, 2018
14:00 to 17:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
YMO Camouflage BGM A&M
Love Tractor Neon Lights 'Till the Cows Come Home DB Recs
En Attendant Ana (Not) So Hard Lost and Found Trouble in Mind *
Three Johns Do Not Cross the Line Atom Drum Bop Abstract
The Birthday Party Jennifer's Veil Mutiny! Mute
Saccharine Trust Merciful Mother Worldbroken SST
Wild Seeds Sharlene Brave, Clean, and Reverent Jungle
Tiny Lights The Capricious Yearnings of King Edward Hazel's Wreath Gaia
Viktor Vaughn Mr. Clean 12" single Soundink
General Public Forward as One Hand to Mouth I.R.S.
Ludicrous Lollipops Godiva A Part EP Damaged Goods
23 Skidoo Coup 12" single Illuminated
Donovan Turquoise The Real Donovan Pye
Tom Verlaine Flash Lightning Tom Verlaine Elektra
Big Joe Williams Jump, Baby -- Jump! Nine-String Guitar Blues Delmark
Raging Fire A Family Thing A Family Thing Pristine
Negative Scanner History Lesson (played at 33 RPM) Nose Picker Trouble in Mind *
Negative Scanner History Lesson (played at 45 RPM) Nose Picker Trouble in Mind
XTC Generals and Majors Black Sea Virgin
7FO Sou Ryu no Nukegara EM *
Devo Jocko Homo / S.I.B. EZ Listening Muzak Record Ohio
Wolf Eyes [side 1] Pete Larson Bulb
Uncle Woody Sullender & Seammus Cater While Sails Billow When We Get to Meeting Dead CEO
Tiny Desk Unit Take Me to Paris Naples 9 1/2 x 16" Records
Fad Gadget Swallow It Incontinent Mute

[more Fad Gadget mixed with like opera or something random I grabbed]
Woo Down Town in Suburbia It's Cosy Inside Independent Project
Wiley Wot Do U Call It? 12" single XI
Pankbend Informaat Horrendous New Wave Lumpy
Vox Pop Become a Pagan The Band The Myth The Volume Mystic
Love Camp 7 Father Serra's Children Love Camp 7 EP Bowlmor
Half Human The New Tribe Positive Image Specious Arts *
Voodoo Gearshift Flashfire Voodoo Gearshift Link
SPK With Love From China Machine Age Voodoo Elektra