What if..

with TB

Saturday, November 3, 2018
03:30 to 05:30
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
Lucy Can You Feel the Beat Tonight? * young fine people...
Macula Dog Anvils of love Why Do You Look Like Your Dog? Wharf Cat
Macula Dog New Boys Club Why Do You Look Like Your Dog? Wharf Cat
Kleenex/Liliput nice LiLiPUT/Kleenex Kill Rock Stars
Numbers Insomnia Ee-uh! Troubleman
Negativland Escape from noise Escape from Noise
Lung Leg Dirty Plotte Hello sir Kill Rock Stars
Eyes of love Homeowners End of the game Wharf Cat *
Lungs of a Giant Suburbanoids theme Higher Planes
Eyes of love Classifieds End of the game Wharf Cat *
Eyes of love Breakers at midnight End of the game Wharf Cat *
Goat Ghost Part 1 New Games/Rhythm & Sound EM *
Goat On Fire New Games/Rhythm & Sound EM *
Priests Modern Love/ No Weapon Bodies+Control+Money+Power Don Giovanni
Emergency Don't walk on the kitchen floor Emergency/Numbers re.rok
Pram Sleepy Sweet North Pole Radio Station Merge ahh...
Galen Herod dumb questions Word & Musics vinyl-on-demand oooooo yeah... *
Broadcast Before we Begin haha sound warp
Broadcast Man is not a bird haha sound warp drums... so good...... so good.
Praxis Side B s/t
New Humans Side B Disassociate Avant/savant
Pandemonia The struggle Continues 20 years on + off thats good too
Lungbutter extractor Extractor s/r more lungs huh? just that kind of night.
Mumblr Champion Clique/Loose Tooth/ Ghost gum/Mumblr 4-way split Fleeting Youth night night..