Music With Space

with Michael Hunter

Music for the space between your left and right ears

Friday, November 2, 2018
23:00 to 03:00
Electronic, Drone, Ambient & Avant-Garde
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
Alphaxone & Xerxes the Dark` Consternation Aftermath Cryo Chamber 23:00:00
Chihei Hatakeyama Journey to the End of August Journey To The End Of August Hidden Vibes 23:22:45
Gavin Miller Part 1 Shimmer Sound in Silence 23:41:36
Barry Schrader Trinity Lost Atlantis Innova Recordings 23:47:04
IMHUL The Guilded Path The Guilded Path Self Release 00:02:07
Mark van Hoen Opposite Day Invisible Threads Touch 00:57:47
Eternell Still Light Still Light Sound In Silence 01:03:30
Northumbria The Nixe Vinland Cryo Chamber 01:34:35
Noveller & Thisquietarmy Reverie 1 Reveries Shelter Press 01:43:41
Pollard/Daniel/Booth Midges Eight Electronic Composers Outlet 01:49:02
Tomoko Sauvage Fortune Biscuit Musique Hydromantique Shelter Press 02:06:04
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe Audoghast Two Orb Reel More Than Human 02:14:27
Rooms Delayed Above the Trees So I Can Feel Through The Trees Ozky e-sound 02:21:16
Gert Emmens & Ruud Heij Halo Galaxis Emmens - Heij 02:25:22
Earlyguard A Distant Proximity Part 1 Slowmotion 2011-2016 Self Release 02:36:38
Dark Frequencer Aural Connection Astral Communications Night Terror Recordings 02:57:02