don't back the front

with dana k

Friday, November 2, 2018
21:00 to 23:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New
desperate bicycles don't back the front 7" 1977
pigbros hedonist hat NME C86 1985/2014
arkansaw man every job 7" 1983
the shrubs blackmailer's heartache take me aside for a midnight harangue 1987
captain beefheart abba zabba safe as milk 1967
garage class terminal tokyo 7" 1983/2018
the staches great depression great depression 2018
stump buffalo NME C86 1986
the red krayola with art and language if she loves you kangaroo? 1981
the residents and renaldo and the loaf mahogany wood title in limbo 1983
pink section francine's list pink section EP 1980/2015
mordecai wanton abstract recipe 2017
baby buddha big generation everyone is my age 1987/2018
freshly wrapped candies same song dark side of the white christmas trailer 1987
hajime tachibana bambi bambi 1991
brian eno no one receiving before and after science 1977
clan caiman caravana clan caiman 2018 *
lemon kittens kites cake beast 1980
jon krocker vmax monolog 1983/2018
wetware the luxury of declining automatic drawing 2018 *
john maus touchdown screen memories 2017
wreck small speakers on expensive stereos alice in wonderland river falling love 1993
arp & anthony moore wild grass I frkwys vol 3: arp & anthony moore 2010
vibracathedral orchestra he play all day long dabbling with gravity and who you are 2002
FACS side one acteurs invasion 2018