don't back the front

with dana k

Friday, October 26, 2018
21:00 to 23:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New
desperate bicycles don't back the front 7" 1977
screaming sneakers violent days marching orders 12" 1982
the urinals scholastic aptitude negative capability...check it out! 1996 (orig early 80s)
100 flowers contributions drawing fire 1984
earwigs a martyr is made keats rides a harley 1981
tunneltones is this a restart? keats rides a harley 1981
god and the state art for spastics ruins 1985
radwaste impulse cooking and nothingness 1986
trotsky icepick this car is not blue viva los angeles II 1990
world of pooh strip club step, step, steppin' on satan's foot 1994; 100 flowers cover
the urinals ack ack ack ack negative capability...check it out! 1979/1996
the moderates bus girl 7" 1981; liverpool, england
thin yoghurts girl on the bus 7" 1980
i jog & the tracksuits red box 7" 1978
cardiac arrest a bus for a bus on the bus 7" 1979
end result last chance backlash! 7" compilation 1981
fatal microbes beautiful pictures violence grows 7" 1979
wilma fast fascist pornography lies 1981
cardboards on the r=>z greatest hits vol 2 1981
alien nosejob slave labor horrendous new wave 2017 *
systematics bovine my life in the field of cows 1982
maestros and dipsos inertia sydney post-punk #2: skewed melody 1983
wild west coast sydney post-punk #2: skewed melody 1981
belle du soir treasure island can't stop it! II 1981/2009
the particles (bits of) wood advanced colouring 1981
ya ya choral waiting time such a dutch man 1982
indifferent dance centre flight and pursuit 7" 1981
mechanical servants problem, what problem? min x match 1980
ludus anatomy is not destiny my cherry is in sherry 7" 1981
the normals demented breakdown 7" 1978/2018 *
zoomers walking exist 2017 (orig. early 80s) *
dangerous birds alpha romeo 7" 1982
essential logic the order form beat rhythm news - waddle ya play? 1979