Life Can Be Different

with PolyCulture

All Vinyl Week

Friday, October 26, 2018
06:00 to 09:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New
Pearls Before Swine Another Time One Nation Underground
People Skills This Life Was in a Room Tricephalic Head
People Skills The Trench Tricephalic Head
The Doors People Are Strange Strange Days
Pearls Before Swine Playmate One Nation Underground
Nick Drake Pink Moon Pink Moon
Nick Drake From the Morning Pink Moon
Antennas Erupt! Marching from the Womb Magical Energy
Charnel Ground Skeleton Coast Charnel Ground woooww *
Charnel Ground Charnel Ground Charnel Ground +++ *
Omnivore Clementine S/T
Tiger Trap Sour Grass Sour Grass
Can Moonshake Future Days
Can Spray Future Days
Omnivore Pink Electric S/T
Tiger Trap Don't Ask Sour Grass
The Scissor Girls SHARPENING Staticland
The Scissor Girls Wierd 09 Staticland
Joni Mitchell Chelsea Morning Clouds
Joni Mitchell I Don't Know Where I Stand Clouds
Lena Platonos Child of the Eve Sun Masks amazing stuff!
Lena Platonos The Beehive Sun Masks
Those Little Aliens & This Little Alien Ismalia Recordings 1980-1981
Those Little Aliens & This Little Alien Low Point X Recordings 1980-1981
Those Little Aliens & This Little Alien Sentimental Recordings 1980-1981
Lena Platonos Blue Sun Masks
Lena Platonos Exercise in Physics Gallop
Lena Platonos What's New Pussycat Gallop
Antennas Erupt! Monumental Urkeling Magical Energy
Lossmaker Melodrama Camp Three S/T
Antennas Erupt! The Elephant's Psalm Magical Energy
The Scissor Girls Unnamed Staticland
Nina Hagen & Freaky Fukin Weirdoz Hit Me .
Pearls Before Swine Ballad to an Amber Lady One Nation Underground