Saint Vitous Dance

with The Studio Computer

erstwhile, ergotism

Wednesday, October 24, 2018
01:00 to 04:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments Request
THE VAMPIRES' SOUND INCORPORATION ghosts or good and bad onions psychedelic dance party mercury/wah wah 1969/2016
JEAN-BERNARD RAITEUX the stake jess franco's "les demons" finders keepers records 2016 (rec. 1973)
THE PHANTOM love me love me / whisper your love dot records 1960
OHKAMI NO JIKAN one mort nuit fractal records 2002 (orig. 1998)
DORIS NORTON erosraptus raptus durium/black widow 1981/2011
GOBLIN witch suspiria cinevox 1977/2017
{~ ~ ~} BAUHAUS st. vitus dance in the flat field 4ad 1980
MARK KORVEN banished the witch milan 2016
TERRY TEENE curse of the hearse curse of the hearse pantherman early 60's
HOLGER CZUKAY witches' multiplication table on the way to the peak of normal welt-rekord 1981
ALEJANDRO JODOROWSKY cast out and pissed the holy mountain finders keepers records 2015 (orig. 1973)
THE FIRST INTERNATIONAL SEX OPERA BAND anita's first appearance, part two anita sexclusief/golden pavilion 1969/2017
MISFITS cough / cool cough / cool blank records 1977 R
ZYKLON space lust the heartland grim records 2006
+ ted dicks . virgin witch ost trunk records 2018 (orig. 1972)
ENNIO MORRICONE astratto i veruschka (original motion picture soundtrack) dagored 2017 (orig. 1971)
MARK KORVEN why are we here? cube self-released 2008 (orig. 1997)
LENA PLATONOS witches gallop lyra/dark entries 1985/2015
ORPHAN FAIRYTALE excerpt speaking spooky foxglove 2007
STILLUPPSTEYPA demon jukebox string of artifacts fish pies, resipiscent 2005
DEVIL'S PICNIC untitled 6 pomme ou pas pomme ding dong records and tapes 1983
MARC WILKINSON return from the graveyard blood on satan's claw trunk records 2007
ORCHESTRA RINO DE FILIPPI antri atmosfere fonit-cetra international hi-fi/sonor music editions 1971/2016
MARK KORVEN caleb's seduction the witch milan 2016
AARON DILLOWAY infinite lucifer infinite lucifer hanson records 2007
PUSH-BUTTON PLEASURE ascent to manchuria the last dissonance hamster records and tapes 1987
{~ ~ ~} TOMUTONTTU tomutonto 4 tomutonto fonal records 2009
GOBLIN sighs suspiria cinevox 1977/2017
APHRODITE'S CHILD *infinity* 666 vertigo 1972
AKTUALA altamira aktuala bla bla 1973/2015
ANNE GILLIS untitled 2 monetachek rangehen 1985
MARK KORVEN witch's coven the witch milan 2016
DIAMANDA GALAS this is the law of the plague plague mass mute 1991
ROBERTO DONNINI "t" 1 a tunedless lynx records 1980
AKSAK MABOUL mastoul alakefak onze danses pour combattre la migraine kamikaze 1977
KLAUS WEISS survivor time signals selected sound/trunk records 1978/2017
{~ ~ ~} LUCIFER witch trial black mass uni records 1971
[end credits] LAURIN RINDER, W. MICHAEL LEWIS lust seven deadly sins avi records 1977