don't back the front

with dana k

Friday, October 19, 2018
21:00 to 23:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New
desperate bicycles don't back the front 7" 1977
echo and the bunnymen the cutter porcupine 1983; M-M-M-MUSTARD
scritti politti the "sweetest girl" the sweetest girl 12" 1981
sandi sheldon you're gonna make me love you 7" 1965
papercuts kathleen says parallel universe blues 2018
unrest love to know isabel bishop 7" 1992; marine girls cover
lush scarlet scar 1990
close lobsters firestation towers nme c86 1986
prefab sprout lions in my own garden (exit someone) 7" 1982
microdisney idea everybody is fantastic 1984
a house i'll always be grateful on our big fat merry go round 1988
housemartins freedom london 0 hull 4 1986
house of love plastic s/t 1988
biff bang pow! it makes you scared someone stole my wheels 7" 1986
mccarthy the well of loneliness i am a wallet 1988
super furry animals ice hockey hair ice hockey hair EP 1998
the mantles police my love all odds end 2015
some velvet sidewalk dinosaur appetite for extinction 1991
new bad things clique town freewheel 1995
david nance poison peaced and slightly pulverized 2018
boyracer black fanatic splitting fling yr bonnet over the windmill 2018 (orig early 90s) *
this bike is a pipe bomb memoirs from the secret spot dance party with... 1999
dolly mixture never mind sundays demonstration tapes 1984
parsnip it couldn't be true new centre of the universe, vol 3 2018
the eyes i'm rowed out when the night falls 7" 1965
dexys midnight runners plan b too-rye-ay 1982
the crabs alien girl alien girl EP 1994
tangible excitement! northland food court split 12" with ginnels 2018; members of summer cats, boyracer, lucksmiths *
summer cats crocodile scratching post 2007
lucksmiths untidy towns 7" 1998
ride mouse trap going blank again 1992
shop assistants it's up to you shopping parade 1985