Life Can Be Different

with PolyCulture

Ecstatic Peace

Friday, October 19, 2018
06:00 to 09:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New
Skunk Mannequinhalo sweet release #1
Tall Firs Go Whiskey sweet release #1
Bon Iver Holocene Bon Iver
Bon Iver Flume For Emma, Forever Ago
Yo La Tengo Double Dare (Sominextraction) Big Day Coming
Yo La Tengo Tom Courtenay 7" Actually Tom Couztenay*
Jo Passed Left Their Prime *
Jo Passed MDM Their Prime *
Tiana Hux Ants Waking Life Audio directly from the movie
Jo Passed Sold Their Prime *
Kim Krizan Words are Inert Waking Life Audio from the movie
She Keeps Bees & Roy Montgomery Rainbird Suffuse Jessica Larrabee is one of a kind *
Lala Lala Spy The Lamb *
Richard Linklater Telescopic Evolution Waking Life
Lala Lala Water Over Sex The Lamb *
Purple Pilgrims & Roy Montgomery Mirage Suffuse *
Yo La Tengo Walking Away from You Walking Away from You/Cast a Shadow
David Martinez Are You a Dreamer? Waking Life
Lala Lala When You Die The Lamb *
Lala Lala See You at Home The Lamb *
Jo Passed Another Nowhere Their Prime *
Jo Passed Places Please Their Prime *
Odes Honey Gets Hard Meltaway/Honey Gets Hard
Plan 9 5 Years Ahead of My Time 5 Years Ahead of My Time
Pony Soft Johnny 7"
Plan to Pink The Spring Project The Spring Project/Lemon Fresh
Schwermut Forest Dir Schneckenhaus 7" "I am lonely and cold, I want to be back in there where it's safe and warm - your snail house"
Schwermut Forest Traenenluege 7"
Die Doraus und die Marinas Fred vom Jupiter Blumen und Narzissen my uncle's request
KYO All The Same Dream All The Same Dream *
Sudan Archives Nont for Sale Sink ++
Katie von Schleicher & Roy Montgomery Outsider Love Ballad No. 1 Suffuse *
Yo La Tengo Double Dare (Sominextraction) Big Day Coming playing again ++
KYO Candy All The Same Dream