Telepathy in the Twenty-First Century

with deirdre dionysiac

the beating in the back of the mind

Wednesday, October 17, 2018
01:00 to 04:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
THE KAI RAUTENBERG ORGAN SOUNDS take one the kai rautenberg organ sounds / the kai rautenberg trio studio one ????
THIS HEAT sleep deceit rough trade 1981
FRANK COE, FORREST ACKERMAN tone tales from tomorrow ii music for robots science fiction records/satelite records 1961/2017
DISASTERPEACE jay it follows milan 2015
DENDO MARIONETTE waltz ii kugutsu-denden haunted house 2017 (rec. 1981)
DER RAUBER UND DER PRINZ der elektrische reiter der elektrische reiter amontillado music 2008
{~ ~ ~} PASCAL COMELADE mouvement decompose d'un coup de marteau paralelo parasite/because music 1980/2017
DINOSAURS WITH HORNS do it now! dinosaurs with horns the solid eye 1983
SUPER MILK sayounara live: elecdance 1979-1980 inundow 2001
BASIL KIRCHIN primitive london 1 primitive london trunk records 2010 (rec. 1965)
MIHA KRALJ alien's trip electric dreams pgp rtb 1985
MANOS TSANGARIS drum 1 (elephant's easy moonwalk through the night) elephant's easy moonwalk through the night exaudio/nonplace 1990/2018
TORESCH speicher essen fur alle offen music 2016
MASUMI HARA futon meikin yume no 4-bai yupiteru records 1984
UKU KUUT that's right! santa monica big tree studios 2006
TSUGUTOSHI GOTO mind gallery inner suggestions fitzbeat 1984
THIS HEAT radio prague deceit rough trade 1981
RICHARD H. KIRK shaking down the tower of babel time high fiction double vision 1983
{~ ~ ~} O YUKI CONJUGATE missing brain scan scene in mirage / soundtracks final image 1985
HIROSHI YOSHIMURA scarlatti - scarlatti mix face music shu uemara make up school 1994
GINA X PERFORMANCE casablanca nice mover crystal, electrola 1978
BOILING BRAIN real world faces and images limur 1991
SEBASTIAN GANDERA un reve schizophrenic dreams mindscan tapes 1988
STEPHEN MALLINDER 1-37 / length of time pow wow plus the grey area, mute 1992 (orig. 1982)
ELEVENTEEN ESTON 2 d'or (cab chassis) at the water growing bin records 2018
SUDDEN SWAY yves st. raisa (league of the unfashioned) ko-opera rough trade 1990
THE MODERN INSTITUTE unbreakable pulse another exhibition at the modern institute diagonal 2018
{~ ~ ~} FABIO FABOR, ANTONIO ARENA screw driver superman world produzioni discografiche/spettro 1984/2017
RAFFAELE SERRA disappearing music kodak ghost poems maldoror produzioni 1988
GOFFREDO HAUS dicotomia musiche per poche parti stile libero 1980
LIMPE FUCHS, ANIMA weit weg via dom 1987
OFFICER! hello ossification ayaa 1984
PIERRE JEAN CROSET danse des couleurs harmoniques du temps / overtones of all times ocora 1986
JULEE CRUISE the world spins floating into the night warner bros. records (sublation of somnambulence) 1989
SPACE ART naissance de cassiopee space art if records/because music 1977/2016
BERANEK can't go to sleep sound of danger dark entries 2017 (orig. 1981)
{~ ~ ~} MODERN ART 46 botanical species underwater kites color disc 1983/2016
[end credits] DORIS LAIZE les quatres saisons les quatres saisons self-released 1980