Contacting Extraterrestrial Beings

with DJ Arico

Double Jointed Beats

Thursday, July 21, 2005
00:00 to 02:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
psi permanent mar Artificially Retarted soul care operators Evolving Ear
Luke Vibert Funky Acid Stuff Lover's Acid PLANET MU *
Monolake North Poly Cities monlake/ imbalance computer music *
WHite Label ========== ========== ===========
Pish Posh What Goes on 12" Rawkuts
The Burner Brothers Love Special 12" Rawkuts
KC War Dance 12" Rawkuts
DJ Jo-s Sumission 12" Rawkuts
Skool of Hard Knocks Bomdigi 12" Paragon Records
Special Touch Just a goovell 12" ==== Featuring Nathan Haines on SAX
The Album Leaf essex seal beach ep better looking *
Kid Loco unknown The Graffiti Artist Soundtrack Mattray Reformatory pictures Tim Keegan Guitars, Trumpet & Clarinet Jerome Bensoussan, Rhodes Keybord Erik Jansson *
Lali Puna Thomas Leboeg: Min-com-pop I Thought I Was Over That: Rare, Remixed and B-Sides Morr
Tatsuya Nakatani Magnetic Orchestration for gongs and bells Green Report 12 H&H
Carly ptak Articulate, enunciate, express Both Heresee
dan bau vietnam rider in the sky ho ! # 1 trikont
Lali Puna TOgether in electrin dreams I Thought I Was Over That: Rare, Remixed and B-Sides Morr
Alpha Bass Pizzicca Tarantina italia 3 dunya
Dr. N Ramani Hariprasad Chaurasla Alap together dunya