with Jon Solomon

A tribute to Michael Dahlquist of Silkworm. 1965-2005. RIP.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005
19:00 to 22:00
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The RubThe Death Of PopBikini GospelThe theme song you know and love.

Concert Calendar time.
SilkwormWild In My DayLibertine
SilkwormA Cockfight Of FeelingsItalian Platinum
SilkwormSlow BurnL'Ajre
SilkwormDremateIn The West
SilkwormThe Lure Of BeautyFirewater
Silkworm"Don't Look Back"It'll Be Cool
SilkwormNever Met A Man I Didn't LikeOld School/New SchoolRadio edit.
SilkwormGrotto Of MiraclesCouldn't You Wait?Alternate version than the one found on "Libertine."
SilkwormI Must Pianner/I Must Prepare45
Silkworm & SeamI Found That Essence Raremp3Gang Of Four cover. Live.
SilkwormSlave WagesLifestyle
SilkwormScrawlEven A Blind Chicken Finds A Kernel Of Corn Now And Then
SilkwormScruffy TumorThe Marco Collins Sessions
SilkwormInto The Woods45
SilkwormCotton GirlLibertine
SilkwormIce Station ZebraDeveloperHearing this song for the first time made me go out and rent the movie of the same name.
SilkwormThat's All There IsYou Are DignifiedNina Nastasia cover.
SilkwormTarnished AngelFirewater
SilkwormMerry ChristmasThe My Pal God Holiday Record C
SilkwormEmpty Elevator ShaftBlueblood R
SilkwormPearl Harbor...His Absence Is A Blessing
SilkwormCouldn't You Wait?Libertine R
The Crust BrothersBitchMarquee MarkSilkworm & Stephen Malkmus. Rolling Stones cover.
SilkwormThat's EntertainmentLifestyle
SilkwormOn The Road, One More Time45
Silkworm(I Hope U) Don't SurviveItalian PlatinumWith Kelly Hogan.
SilkwormGarden City BluesIn The West
SilkwormQuicksandFirewater R
SilkwormYen + Janet ForeverLibertine R
SilkwormSomething HyperIt'll Be Cool R
SilkwormDead AnimalsPet Sounds RC
SilkwormSheep Wait For WolfDeveloper R
SilkwormThe Grand TourCouldn't You Wait?George Jones cover.
SilkwormSt. Patrick's DayL'Ajre
SilkwormTreat The New Guy RightLifestyle
SilkwormRaised By TigersIn The West
SilkwormInsiderYou Got LuckyTom Petty song. C
SilkwormSeverance PayFirewater R
SilkwormGive Me Some SkinDeveloper
SilkwormDirty AirItalian Platinum
SilkwormThere Is A Party In Warsaw TonightLibertine
SilkwormOoh La LaLifestyleSmall Faces cover.