don't back the front

with dana k

Saturday, October 6, 2018
22:00 to 00:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New
desperate bicycles don't back the front 7" 1977
the dance do dada new york noise vol. 1 1980/2003
tracie the boy hairdresser sharon signs to cherry red 1983/2016
table sugar carried away introductory material 2018 *
naked roommate cat's pea soup s/t 2018
chandra opposite transportation 1980/2016
palberta the sound of the beat roach goin' down 2018 *
49 americans should be more ideal messthetics #107 1980/2009
mydolls in technicolor subnormal girls vol 3 1981/2018
thomas leer private plane 7' 1978
ultra beauty disco s/t 2018
the transmitters bite the bullet we call that leisure time 1981
tronics tv on in bed love backed by force 1981
to the finland station betrayal 7" 1982; North London post-punk band that only released one single
velvet monkeys all the same future 1983
pink flamingos oh isn't it wild messthetics #108 1979/2011
tripper humane discoland strange passions: explorations in irish post-punk and DIY music 2012
easter and the totem days after the sum is greater than its parts 1986/2015
new order ICD movement 1981
the snake corps science kills flesh on flesh 1985
belgrado nierealne realne spoleczenstwo obraz 2016
winter severity index the brightest days slanting ray 2018
the chameleons soul in isolation strange times 1986
crispy ambulance not what i expected unsightly and serene 1981
colin newman i've waited ages A-Z 1980
temple of angels star-shaped eyes foiled 2018
cocteau twins laugh lines peppermint pig EP 1983
red lorry yellow lorry this today talk about the weather 1985
borghesia cindy sherman clones 1984/2012
ensemble pittoresque better lifes for this is past 1982
diseno corbusier malinconia stadia 1983/2016
church universal and triumphant invocation for judgement against and destruction of rock music sounds of north american doomsday cults 2009; recorded in 1984 by the church of elizabeth clare prophet
smersh greasing wheezer the beat from 20,000 fathoms 1986
yximalloo low clouds picnic for the hungry ghosts 1986
synth sisters she sang euphoria 2018 *
phew fragment s/t 1981
coil ubu noir scatology 1984
low tempest double negative 2018
jim o'rourke sleep like it's winter sleep like it's winter 2018