with Mud

Saturday, October 6, 2018
17:00 to 19:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request
Arca Desafio Arca XL Recordings welcome....to the thunderdome (part 2 most probably idfk)
Yves Tumor Limerence When Man Fails You Apothecary <3
Hong Kong Express Traces Of Tears 2047 Dream Catalogue blip
Negativland All She Called About Dispepsi Seeland thirsty
t e l e p a t h ???????? ????? ?????? Dream Catalogue WE LIVE..... IN A DREAM.....
Clinton Affair A t t i t u d e P a s s i o n s I I S/r ok
Outer ?? Dr. Krevice (You have a visitor in the Main Lobby) HOSPITALGOGIC Seikomart pls answer
Olivia Neutron-John Vulnerability Olivia Neutron-John Gilgongo FINE
Zadig The Jasp 909 ? Sun 23 Elemental 95
Clark Ted Body Riddle Warp Sounds like keys jangling dangling
Squarepusher Beep Street Hard Normal Daddy Warp dddddddd
Aphex Twin T69 Collapse Collapse EP Warp
Octant Auto 1 Shock-No-Par Up this does not FIT
Viking Girlfriends 55 Rob S/r
Digalogue Break The Stereo Normal People Soho Six
Contradusk Vordhosbn (Buried In The Night Tribute) Vordhosdn (Buried In The Night Tribute) S/r
Venetian Snares Can't Vote For Yourself v1 Traditional Synthesizer Music Planet Mu ddkdjdkkdfjkfkfkffkffkfkfk
Charli XCX Focus (Yaeji Remix) Focus (Yaeji Remix) Asylum R
Gang Gang Dance Young Boy (Marika In Amerika) Kazuashita 4AD *
Igorrr Huile Molle Moisissure S/r wtf
Whourkr Pachyderm Catapult 4247 Snare Drums Ad Noiseam
Wolf Eyes Rusted Mange Human Animal Sub Pop
Black Pus Police Song Primordial Pus Load
The I.L.Y.'s Specialized I've Always Been Good At True Love Third Worlds
Ethan Gold High Clocks Expanses (Teenage Synthstrumentals) Electrik Gold Goodnight to my friends and family *