First-Class, Factitious Fish Stories

with The Deirdre Computer

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Wednesday, October 3, 2018
01:00 to 04:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
YOSHIO OJIMA beatnik's statement handssome - ojima with international characters newsic 1993
ALEC MANSION knock-out a knokke le zoute alec mansion wea 1983
JOAN MARIE POLO america the love and affection i used to have self-released 2005
ALAN LICHT the old victrola plays well crank automative 2001
RANDOMIZE movilidad incesante como se divertiran los insectos? grabaciones accidentales/equilibrio 1986/2017
REXY russian blues (don't) turn me away alien records 1980
ANNE GILLIS untitled 6 lxgrin (cri)2 1984
{~ ~ ~} STEVE MARTIN sophisticated mood fashion match music library ????
MICHELE MUSSER eyechant eye chant quick shower music/freedom to spend 1986/2017
ASMUS TIETCHENS und OKKO BEKKER musik im deutschen imbiss / sphinkter e dom/die stadt 1988/2015
ALESSANDRO ALESSANDRONI summer evening panoramic feelings canopo/dagored 1971/2015
THE FREE DESIGN kites are fun kites are fun project 3 total sound/light in the attic 1967/2017
W'S crash fascination red button ????
SUTTERLIN der rasende gartenzwerg ep kernkrach 2002 (rec. 1981/1982)
ALEJANDRO JODOROWSKY fuck machine the holy mountain - the original soundtrack finders keepers 2015 (rec. 1973)
A. K. KLOSOWSKI, PYROLATOR tschak home-taping is killing music ata tak/bureau b 1985/2013
{~ ~ ~} ORPHAN FAIRYTALE computer-human interface dragons of the deep rampart tapes 2009
RADIO FREE EUROPE fulda gap laughoncue hedonics record 1980
SUBURBAN LAWNS green eyes suburban lawns i.r.s. records/futurismo 1981/2018
PHANTOM CAPTAIN breather miniatures (a sequence of fifty-one tiny masterpieces edited by morgan-fisher) pipe 1980
ANONYMOUS snake attack corporate food b/w snake attack flat records 1980
ASMUS TIETCHENS energie-dossier litia sky records/bureau b 1983/2013
. aol dial up tone . .
AFX fenix funk 5 chosen lords rephlex 2006
ACTRESS casanova splazsh honest jon's records 2010
+ val denham, o paradis memories and dreams transform thyself hau ruck! 2011
AARON DILLOWAY switch 1. switches cejero 2017
{~ ~ ~} AGE COIN raptor performance posh isolation 2017
A GETHSEMANI bleuet secreto metro a contresens 1993
RANDOMIZE guitarras como se divertiran los insectos? grabaciones accidentales/equilibrio 1986/2017
THE ROCHES come softly to me another world warner bros. records (factitious) 1985
MAGGI PAYNE shimmer ahh-ahh (music for ed tannenbaum's technological feets 1984-1987) root strata 2012
THE ART OF NOISE moments in love (who's afraid of?) the art of noise ztt 1984
MAGICAL POWER MAKO chiengmai magical computer music cbs/sony 1985
MICHELE MUSSER 100% bridal illusion eye chant quick shower music/freedom to spend 1986/2017
PER TJERNBERG other nights they call me rub-a-dub records 1990
AKIRA INOUE entrechat dix karasavu-ina fuyuki-sha 1984
{~ ~ ~} ANTON BRUHIN die welt inout alga marghen 1998 (orig. 1976)
A GETHSEMANI samantha l'eau home-made music for home-made people vol. 7: "sexy but chic" / ode to samantha fox (soft blend) insane music 1990
ABDOU EL OMARI avec NAIMA SAMIH musika munreal nuits d'ete radio martiko 2017 (rec. mid-70s)
OMAR KHORSHID guitar el chark [guitar of the orient] guitar el chark [guitar of the orient] sublime frequencies 2010 (rec. mid-70s)
RUPA BISWAS ayee morshume be-reham duniya disco jazz the megaphone company/ovular 1982/2017
PIERO MILESI, DANIEL BACALOV astratta [abstract] la camera astratta [the abstract room] cuneiform/soave 1989/2018
YOSHIO OJIMA club-b club fukusei gijutsu kohboh 1983
{~ ~ ~} ANDREA DALTRO valso pro sec. xxi kiua estudio de invencoes 1988
[end credits] MULATU ASTATKE ene alantchie alnorem new york - addis - london - the story of ethio jazz 1965-1975 strut 2009

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