Uneasy Listening/Transistor Sister

with Rachel C

Bombs & Explosions

Saturday, September 29, 2018
22:00 to 01:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request
Bay City Rollers Saturday Night Bay City Rollers theme song!
Drake Tungsten Interview 2 Clocking Out Is For Suckers self released 1994
The Freeze Time Bomb This Is Boston Not LA Modern Method 1982

Your DJ speaks over Fletcher Henderson and His Orchestra - TNT
The Proletariat MOVE not on album self-released 2018
The Okmoniks Teenage Timebombs Party Fever!!! Slovenly 2008
Upright Citizens Bombs of Peace Open Eyes, Open Ears, Brains to Think & A Mouth to Speak BYO 1985
Uncurbed Blow the System Punks on Parole Sound Pollution 2002

Your DJ speaks over Louis Armstrong - Fireworks
The Moderates Yes to the Neutron Bomb Yes to the Neutron Bomb Hyped Records 1981
Weirdos We Got the Neutron Bomb Weird World 1977-1981 Frontier 1978/1991
The Art Attacks Neutron Bomb I Am a Dalek Albatross Records 1978
The Controllers (The Original) Neutron Bomb The Controllers Bacchus 1978
Dead Kennedys Kill the Poor Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables Alternative Tentacles 1980 R
Flipper Sex Bomb Sex Bomb/Brainwash Subterranean 1981 R

Your DJ speaks over Fletcher Henderson and His Orchestra - TNT
Chickenhead Short Fuse Everything Must Go! 4 1/2 Fingers 1993
Mud Dyn-a-Mite Dyn-a-Mite RAK 1973
Terry Bring the Bomb HQ Upset The Rhythm 2016
MIA 'Tomic Bomb Lost Boys Lost Boys 2001/mid 80s
Chumbawamba Smart Bomb WYSIWYG EMI 2000
Plastix Bomber Ueber Wien Ich Bin Modern Danger 2015/early 80s
Drags Explosives Stop Rock and Roll Estrus 1997 R

Your DJ speaks over Louis Armstrong - Fireworks
Androids of Mu Atomic X Blood Robots Water Wing 1980/2013
Blind Alfred Reed Explosion in the Fairmount Mine How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live Rounder 1930s?
Blast Off Country Style The Boy Whose Head Exploded (Meets Electric Girl) Pretty Sneaky Sis Teenbeat 1993
T Rex Explosive Mouth Light of Love Casablanca 1974
Sly and the Family Stone Dynamite! Life Epic 1968
Crass Bomb (They've Got a Bomb) Peel Session Crass Records 1979
Svart Sno Explodera Den Sista Spiken I Den Sista Kistan 1987-1997

Your DJ speaks over Fletcher Henderson and His Orchestra - TNT
Public Enemy Louder than a Bomb It takes a nation of millions to hold us back Def Jam 1988 R
The Dukes of Stratosphear My Love Explodes 25 O'Clock Virgin 1985
Danielle Dax Fizzing Human Bomb Dark Adapted Eye Sire 1987/1988
The Clash Spanish Bombs London Calling CBS 1979 R
Anti-Cimex Victims of a Bombraid Victims of a Bomb Raid Distortion 1984/1994

Your DJ speaks over Louis Armstrong - Fireworks
Punishment of Luxury Brain Bomb Secrets/Brain Bomb UA 1979
Spazm 151 Smart Bomb React/Spazm 151 13th Floor 1999
Naked Raygun Bombshelter Basement Screams Ruthless Records 1983
Linda Jones You Hit Me Like TNT Hypnotized Collectables 1966
Brenda lee Dynamite Brenda, That's All Decca 1962
222's The First Studio Bomb I Love Susan Rebel Records 1978
Attitude Adjustment Bombs American Paranoia Pusmort 1986

Your DJ speaks over Fletcher Henderson and His Orchestra - TNT
France Gall Boom Boom France Gall Polydor 1973
Freddy Cannon Transistor Sister Walk to the Moon/Transistor Sister Swan 1961
Bikini Kill Resist Psychic Death Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Kill Rock Stars 1992

Your DJ speaks over Trouble- End Time
Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons Ice Cream to God Screams to God Dark Entries 1981/2013
The Poppy Family Where Evil Grows Poppy Seeds London 1971
Collate Performative Liminal Concerns self-released 2018
Saucers Quiet Boy Third Saucer from the Sun Rerun 2018 *
Guerilla Toss Realistic Rabbit Flood Dossed DFA 2015 R
Thatcher on Acid New Thing Curdled All the Madmen 1987
The Bags Babylonian Gorgon All Bagged Up: Collected Works 1977-1980 Artifix 1978/2007
REM Underneath the Bunker Lifes Rich Pageant IRS 1986
Crosta Refugis Refugis De o Fora 2017
Gang Gang Dance Lotus Kazuashita 4AD 2018 *
Chumbawamba Timebomb Anarchy One Little Indian 1994
Dissekerad Domenatten Dissekerad Varning Records 2018
The Fall Shut Up Middle Class Revolt Matador 1994
F.U.K. Roadkill Detroit '77 HoZac 1977/2018
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