Redshift, Moonshift

with The Studio Computer

a tidal tugging from shoreside sentience

Wednesday, September 26, 2018
01:00 to 04:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
JULEE CRUISE kool kat walk the voice of love warner bros. records (landlocked sentence, insentient) 1993
SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES dizzy (version 1) dizzy (version 1) wonderland 2002 (rec. ????)
+ angelo badalamenti the black dog runs at night twin peaks - fire walk with me warner bros. records (wind whipped and tide torn) 1992
+ piotr kurek missing paths heat digitalis limited 2011
POSS MIYAZAKI AND THE HAWAIIAN ALL-STARS hawaiian wedding song hawaiian exotics festival records 1963
ANNE GILLIS untitled 6 lxgrin (cri)2 1984
{~ ~ ~} PER TJERNBERG they call me they call me rub-a-dub records 1990
PIERO UMILIANI le isole dell'amore le isole dell'amore cinevox 1970
SERGE BULOT euryale les legendes de broceliande sonimage/camisole records 1981/2017
CAROLA BAER see the lights again the story of valerie concentric circles 2018
HARUOMI HOSONO korendor (excerpt) omni sight seeing epic/light in the attic 1989/2018
FRANCOIS DE ROUBAIX rencontre avec la skua l'antarctique & autres seances electroniques rue de courcelles weme records 2009
ORQUESTA DE LAS NUBES tiempo de espera manual del usario [owner's manual] grabaciones accidentales 1987
PATRICIA ESCUDERO l'initiation fragmento (1891) satie sonnieres grabaciones accidentales/ormolycka 1987/2016
ORGANISATION silver forest tone float rca victor 1970
PRISCILLA ERMEL andares campo de sonhos eldorado 1992
COLMAN glass labyrinth daedalus sfinks animatie vzw 1986
{~ ~ ~} PACIFIC 231 adventures in a tropical temple tropical songs gold transonic records 1997
PERE UBU a small dark cloud new picnic time chrysalis 1979
PERSONA agua som self-released 1975
+ rachel's letters home the sea and the bells quarterstick records 1996
NUEL correspondence (excerpt) trance mutation further records 2011
SUBA wayang 8 (excerpt) wayang offen music 2018
ARIEL KALMA voltage controlled wave an evolutionary music (original recordings: 1972-1979) rvng intl. 2014
PANABRITE whirlpool sub-aquatic meditations aguirre records 2012
NATURE LOVERS you know it's true beginning to end ink records 1985
DICK HYMAN, MARY MAYO maid of the moon moon gas mgm records 1963
MICHEL REDOLFI music for fresh water (excerpt) sonic waters hat art 1984
{~ ~ ~} OLIVIA BLOCK pure gaze pure gaze sedimental 1999
LASZLO HORTOBAGYI harmological annales of gayan uttejak society - op. transreplica meccano hungaropop/lullabies for insomniacs 1989/2017
SUGAI KEN ongoromochi souji yorukoru yerevan tapes 2018
SONOKO souvenir de la mer la debutante crammed discs 1987
ALEX ZHANG HUNGTAI pierrot divine weight non 2018
MASAMI TSUCHIYA never mind alone cbs/sony 1983
TIME WASTERS seventh wave time wasters personal records/golden pavilion records 1978/2011
JERITREE sea wave jeritree's house of many colours sea wave records 1978
PICKY PICNIC love on the beach kuru kuru world cbs/sony 1989
{~ ~ ~} INTERIOR park interior yen records 1982
[end credits] GROUPER we've all gone to sleep dragging a dead deer up a hill type/kranky 2006/2013