Post Post Scum

with Mama Rotten

Thursday, September 20, 2018
23:00 to 01:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
Swear Beam COULD HAVE BEEN S/T St. Louis
The Geraldine Fibbers You Doo Right Butch
The Breeders Off You Title TK 4 AD
Dilly Dally Marijuana Heaven Partisan Toronto, ALBUM RELEASED 9/14!
7 Year Bitch Knot Hype! The Motion Picture Soundtrack
Bikini Kill Candy Revolution Girl Style Now!
Jawbreaker Reunion Your X haha and then what ;) NY
La Luna Always Already Always Already Toronto
Juliana Hatfield It's Only Rock n Roll (Rolling Stones Cover) Daytrotter Session
Le Butcherettes Crying Out to the Flies Cry is for the Flies Mexico
Shux I Don't Wanna Indoor Toilet Horrendous New Wave Fish Records
The Funs SWEAR AND SWEAT My Survival
PJ Harvey Reeling 50 Foot Queenie Demo before Rid of Me
Shagg Rustbelt Reject S/T Cleveland
Couch Slut Little Girl Things My Life as a Woman Handshake inc Columbus
Blackwater Holylight Willow S/T Riding Easy *
Bellini Room Number Five Small Stones
Deaf Wish Smoke Lithium Zion Sub Pop *
Fake Boyfriend Wax Mercy Inactive Philly Band
16 Bitch Pile Up He Began to Stir Bury Me Deep
Greg Electric Hysterical S/T Philly band!
Prime Time Fallen Out Going Places 7" La Vida Es Un Mus Discos Punk
The Dishes Flim Flam 3 file 13