with chaotic neutral

sub for dj chris / yann koby

Wednesday, September 19, 2018
20:00 to 21:30
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Artist Song Album Label New
takako minekawa micro mini cool cloudy cloud calculator emperor norton
arca mutant mutant mute
gang gang dance lotus kazuashita 4AD *
sediment club half fool dub/the payoff stucco thieves wharf cat *
sonic blume shotgun beach karma s/r *
cloud nothings pattern walks here and nowhere else carpark
retirement party meet me in montauk strictly speaking s/r
milencolin pepper pennybridge pioneers epitaph records
yuck get away yuck fat possum
angels & airwaves true love i-empire geffen
snail mail intro/pristine lush matador *
astronauts etc 9 fingers living in symbol company *
saves the day rocks tonic juice magic through being cool equal vision
orange cake mix your favorite coffee shop another orange world darla
spore paradise giant taang!
mint pierced and tattooed american style planetary
rhythm & noise berta's hammer potatoes: A collection of folk songs from ralph records ralph records
i am spoonbender re-dial meant "remember" shown actual size ep gold standard labs