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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
Altered States Martzmer Tokyo Invasion! Volume 1: Cosmic Kurushi Monsters
Boredoms Pow Wow Wow Tokyo Invasion! Volume 1: Cosmic Kurushi Monsters
Can Mushroom Tago Mago Mute
Cheer-Accident Moog Homecoming Variations On A Goddamn Old Man
Adrian Belew Fishhead Twang Bar King Island
Yoko Ono Why Plastic Ono Band
PAK 100% Human Hair Motel PAK is Ron Anderson (The Molecules & the RonRuins album,) Jesse Krakow (Time of Orchids) and Keith Abrams (ex-Time of Orchids)
Ruins Graviyaunosch Symphonica Tzadik played an INCREDIBLE show last night at the Avant Gentlemen's Lounge in Philly, first solo with bass sampled, then with Evan Lipson (Powerlunch, Trilobite) & Jesse Krakow (Time of Orchids) & amazing improvisational Philly guitarist Rick Iannacone. Tetsuya Yoshida, Ruins founder and drummer, is without a bassist and touring the country with different guest bassists in each city. NOT to be missed!
Masaki Batoh Yoo Do Right Tokyo Invasion! Volume 1: Cosmic Kurushi Monsters
Cheer-Accident Nobody's Home, Nobody's Still Home Gumballhead the Cat Skin Graft
Tom Waits Frank's Wild YearsTelephone Call From Istanbul Frank's Wild Years
Can Oh Yeah Tago Mago Mute
Cheer-Accident '86 Career Man Variations On A Goddamn Old Man
Adrian Belew Living In a Tree Op Zop Too Wah Passenger
Magma Nono Attahk
James Chance Caravan/It Don't Mean A Thing/Melt Yourself Down Irresistible Impulse
Uz Jsme Doma Polykat Hollywood Skoda Records
Cheer-Accident You're It, Mother****** Gumballhead The Cat Skin Graft Jim O'Rourke proclaimed the "BEST ROCK BAND," so why don't you have their music or have heard of them? Because they kill all buzz that manages to squeak out about them, in decades of existence. But trust me, you want to hear more CA!
The Residents Noble the Mystic Shrine/Stars & Stripes Forever Stars & Hank Forever: The Music of Hank Williams & John Philip Sousa Ralph From their American Composer's Series, creeeepy.
Angel Corpus Christi Never Too Late For Linda The 80's Gulcher
The Ex Listen to the Painters Turn Touch & Go
Richard & Mimi Farina Reno Nevada Urban Spacemen & Wayfaring Strangers
Girls At Our Best Nowhere Fast Pleasure Vinyl Japan
The Gizmos Melinda Is a Lesbian Rock 'N Roll Don't Come From New York Gulcher
The Feelies Crazy Rhythms Crazy Rhythms A&M
The Hidden Cameras Ban Marriage The Smell of Our Own Rough Trade played a great show at the First Unitarian in Philly last week; evolved into a frantic dance party thing. These guys are kinda like a blueclaw banjo hoedown and the B-52s at once
Stereolab Captain Easychord Oscillations from the Anti-Sun Too Pure *
Gentle Giant Free Hand Free Hand drt just reissued as 35th anniversity edition *
Bobby Conn Maria B Llovessonngs Thrill Jockey Bobby's take of Caetano Veloso's tribute to Maria Bethania, made very swanky and fun
Momus Anthem of Shibuya Ping Pong Le Grand Magistery
Stereo Total Partir Ou Mourir Total Pop Le Grand Magistery Momus selected the songs for this comp
B-52's Party Out of Bounds Wild Planet
The Hidden Cameras I Believe In the Good of Life Mississauga Goddam Rough Trade *
Calexico Corona Convict Pool Quarterstick Records Minutemen
Strapping Fieldhands In the Pineys In the Pineys EP Siltbreeze
Dungen Panda Ta Det Lugnt Subliminal Sounds *