A Quiet Place in the Country

with The Studio Computer

copy-paste to reveal my face / copy-paste 'til you're safe

Wednesday, September 12, 2018
01:00 to 06:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments

shuffle key #1: ANNE GILLIS "lxgrin #10"

shuffle key #2: POSSET "no tape in my dictaphone"

shuffle key #3: POSSET "pomp"
GOBLIN death valzer suspiria cinevox 1977
ANN KROEBER wood, creaks sounds of a different realm sound mountain, the hollywood edge 2000
ANGELO BADALAMENTI i'm hurt bad (excerpt) twin peaks - season two music and more david lynch music company, absurda 2007
GEORGE BENSON give me the night (excerpt) give me the night warner bros. (rabble rabble) 1980
{~ ~ ~} ANNE GILLIS untitled 6&7 lxgrin (cri)2 1984
GLOBAL GOON ready to roll cradle of history rephlex 1998
TONY HYMAS lullaby flying fortress nato 1988
WILLAMETTE suicide dream (excerpt) echo park infraction 2011
RUTH WHITE evening harmony flowers of evil limelight 1969
PIETRO GROSSI il montaggio del disco volante visioni di vita spaziale cooper records 1967
PHANTOM BAND cricket talk nowhere spoon records 1984
RHOBORHYTHMATICONS knife and fork a terse sample terse tapes 1980
A.C. MARIAS trilby's couch one of our girls (has gone missing) mute 1989
POSSET mondo-020 double jupiter vitrine 2016
BAUDOUIN OOSTERLYNCK musique pour les autres (excerpt) 1975-1978 metaphon 2008
LAURIE ANDERSON is anybody home (excerpt) airwaves one ten records 1977
ACHIM WOLLSCHEID chair 2 (excerpt) moves selektion 1996
THROBBING GRISTLE hometime d.o.a. the third and final report fetish records 1978
SANDRO BRUGNOLINI brain overground sincro edizioni musicali 1970
ANDREA DALTRO so kiua estudio de invencoes 1988
{~ ~ ~} ANNE GILLIS untitled 6&7 lxgrin (cri)2 1984
AKSAK MABOUL dbb (double bind baby) onze danses pour combattre la migraine kamikaze 1977
QUASIMODE la fuse (les enfants justiciers) mahiru (jeux de vertige) [midday (vertigo games)] di-stance 1986
THE PARASITES OF THE WESTERN WORLD electrokill the parasites of the western world criminal records 1978
SWANS i was a prisoner in your skull soundtracks for the blind young god records, atavistic 1996
RUNZELSTIRN & GURGELSTOCK aktion 971206 tokyo, 'for stringquartet and asstrumpet' asshole / snail dilemma tochnit aleph 2000
ANTON HEYBOER i live that life rules of the universe kye 2013
+ richard maxfield pastoral symphony electronic music advance recordings 1969
NOAH CRESHEVSKY circuit (excerpt) the tape music of noah creshevsky 1971-1992 em records 2004
ANNETTE PEACOCK gesture without plot i'm the one rca victor 1972
{~ ~ ~} AKE HODELL orphic revelations - electronic purgatorium v 220 volt buddha alga marghen 1998
AL HANSEN the futuristic chattanooga choo choo in the mongolian desert joseph beuys stuka dive bomber piece & other stories slowscan 2006
BOW GAMELAN ENSEMBLE saws great noises that fill the air klinker zoundz 1988
ALEXANDER 'SKIP' SPENCE war in peace oar columbia 1969
ROGER ROGER un pastiche (parody) music for fun mondiophone, crea sound ltd. 1971
JERRY LEE LEWIS middle age crazy middle age crazy mercury 1977
+ the stranger bleaklow bleaklow v/vm test records 2008
MORT GARSON, JACQUES WILSON man with the word (lyin' coward) the wozard of iz: an electronic odyssey a&m records 1968
ANNE GILLIS nuprium archives box 1983-2005 art into life 2015
ADAM BOHMAN the jenkins family music and words 2 paradigm discs 2014
DR. SEUSS . wacky wednesday . 1957
ALBERT MARCOEUR deux lions au soleil, pts. 1-2 untitled (w/ this heat) care in the community recordings 1982/2016
ANNE BRIGGS lowlands the hazards of love topic records 1964
+ yasunao tone anagram for strings (excerpt) anagram for strings / geography & music slowscan 2005
RAMLEH fun stealer works iii dirter promotions 1996
ANGELO BADALAMENTI i'm hurt bad (excerpt) twin peaks - season two music and more sound mountain, the hollywood edge 2007
AFTER THE FLOOD touching still after the flood 2 ae 1998
ATELECINE sky then trees then birds then nothing ...and six dark hours pass dais records 2010
{~ ~ ~} KYOKO KOIZUMI flower whisper / kyoko iv victor 1983
[end credits] NOVOSTJ / DSORDNE nel vuoto 1983-1988 hax 1988