Post Post Scum

with Mama Rotten

Thursday, September 6, 2018
22:00 to 00:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New
Greg Electric Opener S/T May 2018 Philly Band!
The Amps Hoverin' Pacer
Mary Bell Fool Moon EP Paris
Throwing Muses Marriage Tree House Tornado
Sugarshock i-95 Mother Nature EP
Super Hussy Crazy S/T 7"
Yarrow Rescind Mild Circus Philly Band? New release
Magik Markers Body Rot Boss
Norma Tanega You're Dead Walkin' My Cat Named Dog
ZuZu's Petals Jackals Jackals/ Categories/ Johanne 7"
Dilly Dally Doom Heaven COMES OUT SEPT 14th
Bellini Conflict Between Fire and Wet Wood Snowing Sun
Little Ugly Girls Vinegar S/T Melbourne
Fire Party Engine S/T
Corndolly Human Cannonball S/T
Honey Bucket Hammerhead S/T 7"
Haircut Better Off 2016 Demo
Harry Crews Distopia Naked in Garden Hills
Weeping Icon 7 Eyeball Under
Omnivore Used To Rounds
Body/Head In The Dark Room The Switch *
Zonic Shockum Woe is Me S/T 7"
Petrol Girls Sister The Future is Dark COMES OUT SEPT 14th
Pharmakon SLeep Walking Form Contact