What if..

with TB

Thursday, September 6, 2018
00:00 to 02:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Comp
Palberta & No One and the Somebodies Pharmacy Chips for Dinner Wharf Cat
God is my Co-Pilot Domestic Partner Get Busy
Old Maybe Metal June Piggity Pink
The Garden Stalltion Mirror Might Steal Your Charm burger records *
Arab on Radar o.henry Stolen Singles
Arab on Radar Swimming with a Hard On" Stolen Singles
the frumpies Baby Plays for Pritty The Frumpies
Palberta cherry baby Roach Goin' Down *
Palberta Fake out Roach Goin' Down *
Lizzy Mercier Descloux Wawa Press Color
Blast Off Country Style Touch luck, Trashcan! Rainbow Mayonnaise Deluxe
Delta 5 Try Delta 5: Singles & Sessions 1979-81
Crack Cloud Graph of Desire Anchoring Point
Crack Cloud Swish Swash Anchoring Point
L I T H I C S 7 People Borrowed Floors
Nancy Strong Crumb SkiN bOy 2018
Data Color Growing Divine Creature
Kasra Rough Rug Nino Tommorow
Kasra Are We Technical? Nino Tommorrow
Jennifer Vanilla Jenniferland (audio Brochure) This is Jennifer
X-Ray Pop Contakt The Dream Machine
Young Marble Giants wind in the rigging Colossal Youth
Two drunks at a bar Auggie Lutz and Paul Sickler Master Cactus vol. 2 great audio compilation C
FOODMAN Ure Pill ez minzoku
Olivia Neutron-John (death/tango) single
Nancy Strong Movies SkiN bOy
Blue Smiley Side B ok rest in power.
No Friends love theme i think we're alone now
LSD and the Search for God Starting Over LSD and the Search for God
Duster Inside Out Stratosphere :)
Duster Cooking Contemporary Movement
Sonic Youth The Burning Spear (live) Sonic Youth
Palm Doggy Doctor Trading Basics
Guerilla Toss Pink Elephant Gay Disco
Beat Happening Our Secret Beat Happening
Cabo Boing Bot Eye/Nitwit of Gizmo Cabo Boing live at WPRB 8/11/17
Suburban Lawns Not Allowed Suburban Lawns untill you stop takin the pillsssssss...
MICHEAL PHILLIP WOJEWODA a young toronto single