Shh!, No Talking

with DJ Dewey

Wednesday, September 5, 2018
11:00 to 14:00
literary fuckery
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Artist Song Album Label New Request Comp
Human Adult Band Cosmic Snake Bite Kit / Departed Earthen Angel Sonic Enlightenment Third Uncle *
Tom Beaulieu, Mary Vaeni Crazy or Evil Alice's Garden s/r *
David Bowie Station to Station Station to Station RCA
Dulls Cherub Rock single s/r R
Speedy Ortiz Alone with the Girls Twerp Verse Carpark *
The Raincoats 7 Girls Odyshape Rough Trade
Natural Beauty Nice Up Dancee 12" single RAS
Najma Aehele Deroo Haram Ghazals by Najma Nivako
DEQUANTIZE Quantize Horrendous New Wave Lumpy C
Frank Zappa Canarsie Shut Up N Play Your Guitar Some More Barking Pumpkin
Dangerous Boys Club Heaven PRIS Ep Dais
Virginia Mukwesha Julia Farai Piranha
Galen Herod The Rhyming Show Word & Musics Vinyl on Demand *
Deathly Fighter Heat Completely Dusted Columbus Discount
Band of Ones Family Values It Came From Memphis, Vol. 2 Birdman C
the Faith Healers Pop Song Pop Song too pure
Nautical Almanac Rolling in the Green Cover the Earth Heresee
George Crumb Ancient Voices of Children < Nonesuch
I.V. League Charlie Manson St. Songs of the North American Anglo
Car Commercials babe's out of luck Judy's Dust Cenotaph
Shadow Ring Drainage I'm Some Songs Swill
Jandek Could Be Anyone / Twelfth Apostle Twelfth Apostle Corwood
Thomas Penderecki Fluorescences Kosmogonia Philips
Illuminati Hotties Cuff Kiss Yr Frenemies Tiny Engines *