with dana k

Monday, September 3, 2018
20:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Comments
bruce haack national anthem to the moon the electric lucifer 1970
(background music) morton subotnick silver apples of the moon silver apples of the moon 1967
53 miles west of venus the b-52's wild planet 1980
zolar x space age love timeless 1982/2004
XTC science friction 3D EP 1977
laurice (paul st. john) flying saucers have landed best of laurice vol 2 1972/2015
twinkeyz aliens in our midst alpha jerk 1979/2016
jobriath space clown s/t 1973
(background music) lost in space background music OST
hawkwind space is deep doremi fasol latido 1972
husker du books about ufos new day rising 1985
wipers no one wants an alien over the edge 1983
the zoomers from the planet moon exist 2017 (orig. 1982)
radio free europe alien day laughoncue 1980; austin TX
xex delta five group:xex 1980; tom's river, NJ; the best song ever about space death
(background music) gustav holst/royal liverpool philharmonic venus the planet suite 1991 (written in 1919)
ESG UFO s/t 1981
solid space tenth planet space museum 1985/2017
jonzun crew space cowboy lost in space 1983
newcleus space is the place space is the place 1985
rockets galactica galaxy 1980
ducktales the moon ducktales NES OST 1989
joe meek and the blue men i hear a new world i hear a new world (pt. 1) 1960/1991
the ventures out of limits ventures in space 1964
man or astro-man? destination venus destroy all astromen! 1994
velvet crush mr. spaceman hold me up 7" 1994
(background music) parliament mothership connection the mothership connection 1975
lucia pamela walking on the moon into outer space with lucia pamela 1969
sun ra and his astro infinity arkestra space probe (excerpt) my brother the wind vol. 1 1969/2018
lou reed satellite of love transformer 1972