Transistor Sister

with Rachel C


Monday, September 3, 2018
06:00 to 08:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comp
Robert Wyatt The Internationale Going Back a Little Bit
Chumbawamba One By One (Acoustic) Tubthumping EMI
APF Brigade Anarchist Attack Bullshit Detector Crass Records
Peter Lee Stirling 8:35 on the Dot You Don't Live Twice/8:35 on the Dot Decca
Proletariat Allegiance This Is Boston Not LA Modern Method
XTC Earn Enough for Us Skylarking Virgin
John Allison Patriotic Diggers Songs for Political Action Bear Family C
Cold War The Machinist The Machinist/Illusion Namedrop
Cyanamid Work 5th Practice demo self released
Alternative TV Life The Image Has Cracked Deptford Fun City
Martha and the Muffins Women Around the World at Work This is the Ice Age Dindisc
Paul Whiteman's Orchestra, Ramona Davies vocals Are You Making Any Money? Are You Making Any Money? 78
The Dils I Hate the Rich Dils Dils Dils What? Records
Germs Communist Eyes (GI) Slash
The Delights Long Green Long Green/Find Me a Woman Delaware
Sarah Ogan Gunning That Twenty Five Cents You Paid Unknown
Moe Tucker Spam Again Life in Exile After Abdication 50,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Watts Records
The Rats Rat Race The Rats Whizeagle
John Handy Hard Work Hard Work Impulse!
A House Live Life Dead Die I Am the Greatest Setanta
Barbra Streisand It's Not Cricket to Picket Pins and Needles Columbia
Daddy John Love Cotton Mill Blues Oh My Little Darling: Folk Song Types New World C
The Chills Doledrums Doledrums/Hidden Bay Flying Nun
Poobah Live to Work Let Me In Ripple
Subhumans Work Rest Play Die Time Flies... But Aeroplanes Crash Bluurg
Sweet Pease Spivey I Got a Man in the Bama Mines Women of the Blues RCA Victor
Anthrax Exploitation They've Got It All Wrong small wonder records
Sinyx Decadence The Black Death EP Reality Attack
The Exploited Dole Q Punks Not Dead Secret Records
Aus-Rotten American Ethic The System Works for Them Tribal War
The Actress Good Job With Prospects It's What You Give/Good Job With Prospects CBS
Carolina Tar Heels Peg and Awl Anthology of American Folk Music Folkways
MIA New Left Not So Quiet on the Western Front Alternative Tentacles
Danielle Dax Bad Miss "M" Dark Adapted Eye Sire
Middle Class Insurgence Out of Vogue Joke Records
Billy Bragg To Have and Have Not Life's A Riot with Spy vs. Spy Polydor
Doom Beat the Boss Total Doom Peaceville
The Eat Communist Radio Communist Radio/Catholic Love
Ray Noble and Al Bowlly Hustling and Bustling for Baby Hustling and Bustling for Baby
Dirt Profit and Loss Feast or Famine self-released
Avskum The Master and Slave System Punkista Prank Records
Wilmer Watts and the Lonely Eagles Been on the Job Too Long Knocking Down Casey Jones/Been on the Job Too Long Broadway
The Manhattan Chorus Hold the Fort Solidarity Forever/Hold the Fort Timely
Woody Guthrie There's a Better World a-Coming Hard Travelin': The Asch Recordings, Vol. 3 Folkways