with deirdre dionysiac

this i m a g e r y seems... m i r a g e y

Tuesday, August 28, 2018
06:00 to 11:00
unmapping environments, cultivating prospects
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
[prelude-prelude] INTERIOR timeless interior yen records 1982
THE CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN prelude-nightmare the crazy world of arthur brown track record 1968
THE BC LEMONS morning on your diamond super single fantin latour records 1985
UAKTI terra i ching point music 1993
HIROSHI YOSHIMURA b face music shu uemaru make up school 1994
YASUAKI SHIMIZU kono yoni yomeri (sono 2) [picture like this (part 2)] kakashi better days 1982
{~ ~ ~} TAKAHIKO ISHIKAWA buranko no omoide [memories of a swing] the firmament eastworld 1993
KOHARU KISARAGI traumerei neo-plant lag records 1986/2017
TOMOYUKI ASAKAWA endless tide endless tide eastworld 1993, + a bit of live footage of the sun's rising in seaside heights, nj.
SHIHO YABUKI ki no nagare [the way of energy flow] the body is a message of the universe morning, esthetic music 1987/2018
JOB FULUP tarz an deiz on the sea koka media 1987
LAURA ALLAN with PAUL HORN as i am reflections unity records 1980
ZENKLO GRUPE ratas [wheel] zenklas [sign] melodija, ritonis 1991
NOBUKAZU TAKEMURA overture finale : for issey miyake men by naoki takizawa wea japan, aka records 1999
MARINE GIRLS 20,000 leagues under the sea [excerpt] beach party whaam! records 1981
MASAMI TSUCHIYA alone alone cbs/sony 1983; double 8" flexi-disc

FERNANDO FALCAO amanhecer tabajara memoria das aguas poitou 1981
JESSICA "TIGER PAW" MARCUS ?? [a2] sweet beats and busy signals ??? 1990
MICHELE MUSSER the intruder eye chant quick shower music 1986/2017
MASAHIKO TOGASHI, ISAO SUZUKI a day of the sun a day of the sun paddle wheel 1979
CLAUDIO bonom chinois soul sok sega (sega sounds from mauritius 1973-1979) strut 2015
{~ ~ ~} PERSONA vento som self-released 1975
MONICA RYPMA interlude "koto" moonshine & the blaze self-released 1985
WATER MELON GROUP on a clear day cool music alfa 1984
MARTIN DENNY august bells exotica volume ii liberty 1957
TOM ROGERSON with BRIAN ENO marsh chorus finding shore dead oceans 2017
MICHAEL ATHERTON atum (creator sungod): ii. instrumental (harp, undongo) ankh: the sound of ancient egypt celestial harmonies 1998; blends with "in the forest" part i.
TAKATOSHI NAITOH parts i-ii in the forest eastworld 1993
VANGELIS KATSOULIS thoughts of a young girl the slipping beauty utopia 1988
KYOKO KOIZUMI eastern jungle n.17 victor 1990

WALLY BADAROU jungle echoes island records 1984
WAAK WAAK DJUNGI rainbow serpent waak waak ga min min efficient space 2018
FRANCIS BEBEY binta madiallo akwaaba: music for sanza original music 1984
L'EMPIRE DES SONS antilope l'empire des sons self-released ????
FUTURO ANTICO piano synt dai primitivi all'elettronica black sweat records 1990/2018
{~ ~ ~} AKIO NIITSU forest of maze i.o philips 1978
JACK DEJOHNETTE, PIERRE FAVRE, GEORGE GRUNTZ, others movement i percussion profiles japo records 1978
ARIEL KALMA saxo forest osmose black sweat records 1978/2013
TEIJI ITO sarabande king ubu tzadik 1998
ORNETTE COLEMAN the jungle is a skyscraper science fiction columbia 1972

0900. hello.
PHANTOM BAND positive day nowhere spoon records 1984
MASAHIDE SAKUMA hi !! lisa jvc 1984
{~ ~ ~} MKWAJU ENSEMBLE ki-motion ki-motion wrwtfwwr 1981/2018
HIROSHI SATO picnic orient wewantsounds 1979/2018
MONICA RYPMA interlude aqua & uitro moonshine & the blaze self-released 1985
KIKUCHI MOMOKO adventure adventure vap 1986
PENGUIN CAFE ORCHESTRA zopf: surface tension (where the trees meet the sky) music from the penguin cafe obscure, island records 1976
PETER GARLAND, ESSENTIAL MUSIC & AKI TAKAHASHI dreaming of immortality in a thatched cottage: the temple of the forest beneath the clouds another sunrise mode 2002
KEIJO wide clouds [excerpt] keijo lal lal lal 2003
CABARET DU CIEL t.v. sky skies in the mirror hybride sentimento 1992/2018
YUNGCHEN LHAMO sky coming home real world records 1998
YOSHIO SUZUKI touch of rain touch of rain jvc 1986
MARINE GIRLS flying over russia beach party whaam! records 1981
HARRY CASE air dancer in a mood ichiban records 1989

{~ ~ ~} KOHSEI MORIMOTO smile of the sun smile of the sun eastworld 1993
MILK FROM CHELTENHAM air - sound - light triptych of poisoners it's war boys 1983
JEAN-CLAUDE CAMORS olo-oa strates self-released 1988, + paki & visnadi "migration"
BENITOKAGE private tooku [private tone] keshi no hana [a burning fire] city rocker records 1980
MARTA SEBESTYEN & LEVENTE SZORENYI andras szerelmeslemez favorit 1985
YUJI TORIYAMA maze a taste of paradise agharta, canyon 1985
WOO mountains into the heart of love emotional rescue 1990/2014
MICHAEL WEHR roses melody transformation of a water-lily - a cosmic meditation intercord 1988
NOBUKAZU TAKEMURA let my fish loose child's view bellissima records 1994
DOOPEES air vibes [excerpt] doopee time for life records 1995
FRANCESCO MESSINA plaza tonal medio occidente casablanca 1983
{~ ~ ~} VIRGINIA ASTLEY a summer long since passed from gardens where we feel secure happy valley records, rough trade 1983
RINO DE FILIPPI club riflessi edipan 1978