The All-Ages Show

with paddy

music that's not just for grownups

Saturday, July 16, 2005
13:00 to 14:30
featuring a weekly storytime and frequent guests

other shows

Artist Song Album Label Comments
Chenille Sisters On a Vacation Teaching Hippopotami to Fly Cantoo (s/r) This is our last show before Eddap and I go on vacation; this is the first time in years we'll be going somewhere together. Last time, we wound up not talking to each other...
Donna and Andy Vacation Song Computer Cat Red Castle
The Kinks Holiday Muswell Hillbillies Konk Records
Vic Chesnutt Little Vacation About to Choke Capitol
Ben Rudnick Why'd the Chicken Cross the Road? Blast Off s/r
Ron Israel Went there Just to See Sons for Children of All Ages s/r
Adam Bryant/Sandra Boynton Tropical Sand Rhinoceros Tap Rounder CD giveaway: Congratulations to Michelle from Easton, Pa.
Paddytales Sylvester the Mouse with a Musical Ear Adelaide Holl read on air
Norman Foote Little Man in My Guitar Step to It Shoebox
Steve Songs On a Flying Guitar On a Flying Guitar s/r
Eric Hansen I Love My Guitar Nobody Knows Half Moon Full Star
Jack Grunsky Mouse Band Sing & Dance Casablanca
Stefan des Lauriers Lion's Big Debut Time of Wonder s/r
Animal Band Animal Jam Animal Rock s/r
The Sons of the Pioneers My Saddle Pals and I Ultimate Collection Hip-o