with Suraj

Saturday, August 11, 2018
14:00 to 17:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
Arthur Blythe Break Tune Da-Da Columbia welcome!!!!!

woah woah wee wow
Mahavishnu Orchestra You Know, You Know The Inner Mounting Flame Columbia bing bong BOONG
The Mothers Of Invention Who Are The Brain Police? Live At Carnegie Hall 1971 Zappa Family Trust woooooweeeeeeee
Soul Asylum Marionette Something Out Of Nothing EP A&M blippity bloopity borg
Weather Report Scarlet Woman Mysterious Traveler Columbia
Popol Vuh Through Pain To Heaven Nosferatu Soundtrack EGG blaOW
Psychedelic Furs Love My Way Forever Now Sony Music Entertainment : ) : )
The The Giant Soul Mining Epic/Sony beedy bow bow bowww
Death Cube K Maggot Dream Dreamatorium Strata love u bucky!!!!!!!!!
Sun Ra The Perfect Man (Alternate Take 1) My Brother, The Wind Saturn Records Rimbon *
Aspidistrafly Landscape With A Fairy A Little Fable Kitchen. Label <3
Lullatone Tiny Cinema The Bedroom Beat S/r :o
Asuna Stars Flow In The Lakeside When Wind Ceased Valya Letters White Paddy Mountain omg
Sufjan Stevens Year Of The Snake Enjoy Your Rabbit Asthmatic Kitty bun bun
Finis Africae Carauari Amazonia EM bip
Laurel Halo Wow Unlimited Quarantine Hyperdub aaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Yves Tumor Noid Noid Warp wigwamhaveya
Bowery Electric Fear Of Flying Beat Kranky digidigidoosh
Electric Company Pha Omakase Vinyl Communications Eep
Portishead Machine Gun Third Island
KMFDM What Do You Know? What Do You Know, Deutschland? Z-records dinkydinky DIN DIN
Diego Cortez Scamander Stuzzicadent 1997-1999 Bar-None wham cover band called bam
Lusty Lamb Lamb Mercury
Bjork Crystalline Biophilia Universal
Prurient Every Relationship Earthrise Frozen Niagara Falls Profound Lore
Wolf Eyes Stabbed In The Face Burned Mind Sub Pop !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pharmakon Bestial Burden Bestial Burden Sacred Bones no
Dedekind Cut Equity Tahoe Kranky thank god *
Cassia Harvey and Tim Ribchester Arobnaya The Russian Cello Montag good night and good luck : ) *