Transistor Sister

with Rachel C

Thursday, August 9, 2018
22:00 to 00:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request
Freddy Cannon Transistor Sister Walk to the Moon/Transistor Sister Swan

Your DJ speaks over George Thorogood and the Destroyers - Kids From Philly
Yoko Ono Yangyang Approximately Infinite Universe Apple 1973
Upright Citizens You Make Me Sick Make the Future Mine and Yours H'art 1983
The Green Arrows Mwana Waenda 4 Track Recording Session Analog Africa 70s R
Lung Leg Theme Park Maid to Minx Vesuvius 1997
Junie The Place When We Do 20th Century Records 1975

Your DJ speaks over The Royal Teens - Planet Rock
Giorgio Watch Your Step Son of My Father Dunhill 1972
Bat Fangs Fangs Out Bat Fangs Don Giovanni 2018 *
Slant 6 Thirty-Thirty Vision What Kind of Monster Are You? Dischord 1993
3F=C ??? (Ba Na Na) ??????? RBF Records 1984
The Wipers Now Is The Time Over the Edge Brain Eater 1983
TMA Dying the Empire Way What's for Dinner Jimboco 1984
Delta 5 Mind Your Own Business Mind Your Own Business / Now That You're Gone Lyntone 1979

Your DJ speaks over Weather Report - 125th St. Congress
Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson Angel Dust Secrets Arista 1978
Warm Gun Broken Windows Warm Gun Isadora 1977
The Third Rail Jack Rabbit Id Music Epic 1967
Dulls Meander Meander R
Ja Ja Ja Ain't Gonna Give Up Yet Ja Ja Ja Ata Tak 1982
Peach Kelli Pop Cherry (that's not her real name) Gentle Leader Mint 2018 *

Your DJ speaks over Brian Eno - Sombre Reptiles
Inez Foxx You Don't Want My Love (All You Want is My Loving) Inez Foxx at Memphis Volt 1973
The Brains Girl in a Magazine The Brains Mercury 1980
Pulsallama The Devil Lives in My Husband's Body single Y Records 1982
Carlo Pes, Guiseppe de Luca Wonder Nelson Psychout Munster 1970 *
X-Ray Spex Highly Inflammable Highly Inflammable/Warrior in Woolworths EMI 1979
London Dri The Other Side of Soul Western Skies Break-a-Way late 60s/2015
Rebell 100ar Jag Behovar Inte Dig/100ar Stage and Music Production 1979

Your Dj speaks over Howard McGhee - Futurity
Non Phixion They Got Black Helicopters Matador 2000
Edith Nylon Edith Nylon Edith Nylon CBS 1979
The Topplers Pat McGluskey FM-BX Society Tape 001 SS Records 1981/2010
ESG ESG ESG 99 Records 1981
mizutama shobodan Shinku Pakku Toraberu Japanese title 1981
Hez Gobierna Militar Hez Discos Enfermos 2016
Seizure Front Line Cuties Wrong Now Regressive Records 1978

Your DJ speaks over The Plugz - Reel 10
Boots for Dancing Oh Bop Shabam Scottish Kultchur: A Barclay Towers Compilation Supermusic 1982
Flirt You Can't Push Me Unknown
The World Ghost Town First World Record Lumpy 2017
Lewd Magnetic Heart American Wino ICI Records 1982
Feria Cabeza Negra Feria Austrohungaro 2005

Your DJ speaks over Augustus Pablo - 555 Crown St
Jimmie and Vella Chica Boom Jimmie and Vella Atlantic 1972