Transistor Sister

with Rachel C

Don't Back the Front Fill-In

Saturday, August 4, 2018
22:00 to 00:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
The Undertones When Saturday Comes Positive Touch
Pandemix Faultless Scale Models of Atrocities Boss Tunage
Tin Tin Ships on the Starboard Astral Taxi Atco
Paul Collins Beat Crying Won't Help The Kids Are The Same Wolfgang
Destroy All Monsters You're Gonna Die Destroy All Monsters IDBI 1978
Andy Kim How'd We Ever Get This Way How'd We Ever Get This Way Steed 1968
Funk Factory After All the World Goes Home Funk Factory Atco
Sediment Club The Payoff Stucco Thieves Wharf Cat *
Dark Thoughts Don't Wanna At Work Stupid Bag 2018
Bright Girls Hidden From History Vaultage 80 Attrix 1980
Channel 3 Manzanar Fear of Life Posh Boy 1982
Avocados I Never Knew I Never Knew Choo Choo Train Records 1981
Cowsills On My Side On My Side London
Witch Havoc Lazy Bones!! Teal Record 1975
Ew Delivery Boy typical girls vol 4 Emotional Response *
A.P.B. Shoot You Down Scottish Kultchur: A Barclay Towers Compilation Supermusic 1982
The Swinging Machine Do You Have to Ask Comin' On Back Home/Do You Have to Ask SPQR 1966
Shop Assistants Fixed Grin Peel Sessions Strange Fruit 1986
Rata Negra El Automata Oido Absoluto La Vida Es Un Mus Discos
Exploding Seagulls Ring Pull/Takes City Walls - A Southampton Compilation White Elephant Records 1980
Pookie & the Poodlez New Policy Young Adult Southpaw 2016
The Boys Cast of Thousands Alternative Chartbusters Get Back 1978/1999
Group 1850 Don't Let It Be (We Have to Do It Now) Mother No Head: Their 45s Pseudonym 1970/2012
Gary War Windows & Walls Gaz Forth Feeding Tube *
Weirdos Arms Race Weird World 1977-1981 Frontier
Dow Jones and the Industrial Can't Stand the Midwest Let's Go Steady! Hardly Music 1980
Know the Drill New Winter Who? What? Why? When? Where? Mortarhate 1984
The Fire Dept You're Too Much L'ouef D'or
Siouxsie & the Banshees Peek A Boo Peepshow Polydor
The American Breed Green Light Bend Me, Shape Me ACTA 1968
Les Feles Mon Lycee Mon Lycee Vid'Ordur 1978
Reactors LA Sleaze The Reactors Nuclear Waste 1979

Death Zone The Youth is to Blame Who? What? Why? When? Where? Mortarhate 1984
Amy and the Angels I Hate Being In Love Making Waves Girlfriend Records 1981
The Undertones Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy/Mars Bars Sire 1979
The Kay-Gees Keep on Bumpin' Keep on Bumpin' and Masterplan Gang Records 1974