Subacquea - A Sinking Feeling

with deirdre dionysiac

a retrospective of underwater music

Artist Song Album Label Comments

On the surface. Tubular wave immersion. Thoughts turning toward that mother-other sea.
UGO CALISE Occhi di mare ["Eyes of the Sea"] Sette mari (avventure musicale nei mare del mondo) ["Seven Seas - Musical Adventures in the Seas of the World"] CAM 1969
MIYAKO KODA A Sea of Love (one word excerpt) Jupiter Grandisc 1998, RECURRENT
HIROSHI SATO Kalimba Night (tide excerpt) Orient Kitty Records 1979 (reissued 2018)
DELIA DERBYSHIRE, BARRY BERMANGE Sea (a few phrases) Excerpts for Radio: The Dreams Psychic Sounds 2014 (aired 1964), RECURRENT
ANDREW GROSSART, PAUL WILLIAMS Time Crystals (excerpt) Vistas Parry Music Ltd. 1986
HIROSHI YOSHIMURA Wet Land (excerpt) Wet Land Eastworld 1993
IASOS The Bubble Massage (excerpt) Inter-Dimensional Music Unity Records 1975
{~ ~ ~} PIERO UMILIANI Subacquea ["Underwater"] Percussioni ed effetti speciali ["Percussion and Special Effects"] Liuto Records 1972 (reissued 2016)
{~ ~ ~} JANKO NILOVIC L'ocean Percussions dans l'espace ["Percussion in Space"] Editions montparnasse 2000 1975
DOMINIQUE ANDRE Sea Gulls Evasion Musical Sound Touch ????
FELT Ancient City Where I Lived Let the Snakes Crinkle Their Heads to Death Creation Records 1986 (reissued this month)
DANIELE PATUCCHI Pescatori delle Antille ["Fishermen of the Antilles"] Men of the Sea CAM 1973

Splash. The EPIPELAGIC ZONE. 0-200m. Sunny, clear water. The Barrier Reef. Plankton, seaweed, jellyfish, tuna, sharks and dolphins. Scuba.
ALEXANDER CHERDRON Snorkel Trip Submarine Backgrounds Johannes Viala Musikverlag 1988
FRANCO POTENZA Pescatori di perle n.2 ["Pearl Fishermen No. 2"] Vita e lavoro nell'acqua ["Life and Work in the Water"] Grand Prix ????, + Vintage Aussie Fishing Op-Ed (left ear) & Delia's Dreamers (right ear)
LES BAXTER Dancing Diamonds Jewels of the Sea Capitol Records 1961
BRUNO ZAMBRINI Foreste di corallo ["Coral Forests"] Racconti di mare (colonna sonora originale della serie televisiva) ["Sea Tales (Original Soundtrack of the TV Series)"] RCA Original Cast 1970 (reissued 2017)
ROGER ROGER Sound industrial n.5 Sound industrial L'illustration musicale 1977
GEORGES RODI Aquatic melodie Kaleidoscope Mondiophone, Crea Sound Ltd. 1984

The MESOPELOGIC ZONE. 200-1000m. The Twilight Zone. The Deep Scattering Layer. Faint critters and rustling. A depth beyond which guitars can no longer be heard. Increased refraction, of light and echo.
ALESSANDRO ALESSANDRONI Acquario ["Aquarium"] Biologia marina ["Marine Biology"] Rhombus 1973 (reissued 2016)
GEORGES CHATELAIN, HERVE ROY Submarine Mood Guitares modernes Tele Music 1970
PIETRO GROSSI Tempesta violenta ["Violent Storm"] (excerpt) Atmosfera & elettronica Lupus Records 1972
{~ ~ ~} JOEL VANDROOGRENBROECK ["V.D.B. JOEL"] Chipland Liquids Digital Project Coloursound Library 1987
{~ ~ ~} SAM SPENCE Sunken Ship (deep, drifting, bubbling) The Art of the Synthesizer Music de Wolfe 1972
{~ ~ ~} SAM SPENCE Sunken Ship (as above, with percussion) The Art of the Synthesizer Music de Wolfe 1972
AMEDEO TOMMASI, STEFANO TOROSSI Profondo blu ["Deep Blue"] Strumentali: l'uomo e la natura ["Instrumental: Man and Nature"] Costanza Records 1986

Beneath blackness. The ABYSSOPELAGIC ZONE. 6000m. Sinking, and having sunk into that place inside oneself. Pressure, cold, darkness. Only the pulsating rebellion of the body.
GASTON BORREANI Bathymorphoses 2 partie Reve abyssal ["Abyssal Dream"] Editions montparnasse 2000 ????
RYUICHI SAKAMOTO Dolphins (excerpt) Esperanto Midi Inc. 1985/2015
DZYAN Back to Where We Came From (excerpt) Electric Silence Bacillus Records 1974
DANIELE MAGGIORE Frasassi Speleologia ["Speleology"] Fonit cetra 1989
AUBE Hydrophobia (excerpt) Hydrophobia Vanilla Records 1991
FERNANDO FALCAO Solita (solo de balaue) ["Alone (Balaue Solo)"] Memoria das aguas ["Water Memory"] Poitou 1981
ANDREW JACKMAN Underwater Beauty Thriller / Suite of the Hurricane / Suite of the Shark Bruton Music 1979
WALT ROCKMAN Deep Sea Slime Underwater Vol. 1 Sonoton 1980
SAMMY BURDSON, JOHN CHARLES FIDDY Marine Research Documentary Enterprise Sonoton ????
PIERRE ARVAY Grotte sous-marine ["Underwater Caves"] Illustrations No. 3 Music de Wolfe 1965
GAIL LAUGHTON Atlantic, 21,000 B.C. Harps of the Ancient Temples Rapture 1969
{~ ~ ~} ALAN HAWKSHAW Underworld Underworld Bruton Music 1985
{~ ~ ~} DAVID TOOP Sea Slug Entities Inertias Faint Beings Room40 2016

The HADYPELOGIC ZONE. The dank underworld of Hades beneath the sea's abyss. The land at the bottom of the sea. No corporeal form...
ALAN FEANCH Submariner's Meditation Flash Resonance: Space Dream Charles Talar Records ????
FLYING SAUCER ATTACK To the Shore (excerpt) Further Domino 1994
GAVIN BRYARS Last Hymn The Sinking of the Titanic Point Music 1994

Formless, we plunge over-shoulder into the feedback loop of memory and dream.
THE CARETAKER The Great Hidden Sea of the Unconscious (excerpt) An Empty Bliss Beyond This World History Always Favours the Winners 2011
GRAHAM LAMBKIN The Bridge to Aria/Salmon Run (excerpts) Salmon Run Kye 2007
JAAP VINK Tide 85 (excerpt) Jaap Vink Recollection GRM/Editions Mego 2017 (rec. 1985)
LILY GREENHAM Seascape (excerpts) Lingual Music Paradigm Discs 2007

Soaring to the surface.
RICHARD PEASLEE The Dancing Phantom (excerpt) Passage Linear B 1980
FABIO "FABOR" BORGAZZI Idolo Moresco ["Moorish Idol"] Aquarium Hard 1980 (reissued 2015)
GUY BOYER, GUY PEDERSEN Danse Moldave ["Moldavian Dance"] Images Editions montparnasse 2000 ????
HARUOMI HOSONO, TETSU INOUE, UWE SCHMIDT Malihini Mele DSP-Holiday Daisyworld Discs 1998
MICHELE MUSSER Proteus and the Marlin Eye Chant Quick Shower Music 1986 (reissued 2017)
{~ ~ ~} PIERRE DUTOUR Algues ["Seaweed"] Aquarius Patchwork 1982
[end credits] PETER MELLINI Dreaming Bajazzo Waves Happy Records 1980

- A Gethsemani, "Ame Triste" - Akira Ito, "Marine Flowers" - Andrew Jackman, Suite of the Hurricane / Suite of the Shark - Aube, "Hydrophobia" - Daniel "J.D." Emmanuel, Echoes from Ancient Caverns - Daniele Patucchi, "Men of the Sea" - Bruno Zambrini, "Raconti di mare" - Dominique Guiot - Edgar Froese, "Aqua" - Egisto Macchi, "Fauna marina" - Eric Vann, Water World - Fabio Fabor, Aquarium - Fabor's Orchestra, Softly Softly - Franco Potenza, Vita e lavoro nell'acqua - Fernando Falcao, Memoria das aguas – Gaston Borreani, Reve abyssal - Hiroshi Yoshimura, Wet Land - Hiroshi Yoshimura, Soundscape 1: Surround - Iasos, Inter-Dimensional Music - Lanfranco Perini, Deep Bubbles - Les Baxter, "Jewels of the Sea" - Markus Stockhausen/Jasper Van't Hof, "Aqua Sansa" - Michel Redolfi, "Immersion / Pacific Tubular Waves" - Panabrite, "Sub-Aquatic Meditation" - Tom Rogerson w/ Brian Eno, "Finding Shore" - Alessandroni/Tommasi/Braen/Torossi/Atmo - "Biologia Marina" - V/A (Bruton Music), "Underworld" - Walt Rockman, "Underwater Vol. 1"