don't back the front

with dana k

Artist Song Album Comments New
desperate bicycles don't back the front 7" 1977
ralph carney closet bears punk 45: burn rubber city, burn! 1980/2015
landline heart attack s/t 2018
wazmo nariz checking out the checkout girl 7" 1979
immune system ambivalence and spark plugs 7" 1979; chicago
head cheese jungle jam 7" 1981; philadelphia
baby buddha robot police music for teenage sex 1981
monitor pet wedding 7" 1979
the uranium club who made the man?/small fry 7" 2016
erik nervous huboon stomp nervoloid EP 2018
lithics edible door mating surfaces 2018 *
gee tee bad habit s/t 2018
devo red eye duty now for the future 1979
anne cessna and essendon airport lost in madagascar 7" 1980
the door and the window dads detailed twang 1980
wonder bread my dad was in a hardcore band complete solid gold hits 2018
the cool greenhouse the end of the world 7" 2018
de picnic de picnic interferencias vol 2 1985/2018 *
frozen ducks beginnings contactdisc 4 1986
23 skidoo kundalini seven songs 1982/2012 *
men/eject apologize 7" 1980
voice farm mamma made it do it potatoes 1987
kidorikko (microcomputer) tokonatsuhime 1991
C.C.T.V paranoia EP 2015
new vogue birdcage (slap yourself free) S/T 2018
conditioner disco group h d no concepts/h d 2018
the sediment club the payoff stucco thieves 2018 *
old maybe dianetics piggity pink 2017
brian brain i'm suffocating unexpected noises 1980
dark day don't bother window 1982
john cooper clarke psycle sluts (parts 1 + 2) innocents EP 1977