Mid-Morning: The Jukebox Plays on to No Audience

with deirdre dionysiac

not just somewhere to lie

Tuesday, July 10, 2018
09:00 to 11:00
wild & wonder
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
MONICA RYPMA interlude aqua & uitro moonshine & the blaze self-release 1985

(centerfloor at the discotheque, the janitor sweeps away the dust left by shuffling feet)
OLYMPISK LOFT en dans tvillingeseglet janushoved 2017
LEWIS BALOUE we danced all night romantic times light in the attic 2014 (orig. 1985)
ANNE GILLIS untitled 10 monetachek rangehen 1985
REINHARD LAKOMY der traum von asgard (excerpt) der taum von asgard amiga 1983
REXY russian blues (don't) turn me away alien records 1980
ROGER LIMB passing clouds out of this world - atmospheric sounds and effects from the bbc radiophonic workshop bbc records and tapes 1976
ROY ORBISON the crowd roy orbison's greatest hits monument records 1962
RON GEESIN waltz in a forest atmospheres kpm music 1977
ROBERT RICH the forest dreams of bach rainforest hearts of space 1989
JULEE CRUISE questions in a world of blue the voice of love warner bros. records (disco nausea) 1993
COOL WATERS clap your hands cool waters ncm records 1993
{ ~ ~ ~ } RAPOON fallen gods fallen gods staalplaat 1994

(over the wax and wane of disco nausea, the dancer motions for moments of sufficient lucidity, longing for a lasting loneliness)
ROBERT ASHLEY don't get your hopes up dust lovely music, ltd. 2000
GAS MAX lines from the other room then are front rock 1990
ANDREAS HOFER a1 das blut self-release 1987
RAMUNTCHO MATTA hop hop domino one (made to measure vol. 30) crammed discs 1991
LAURIE ANDERSON is anybody home airwaves one ten records 1977
RIKKI ILILONGA working on the wrong thing sunshine love sepiso records 1976
RAYMOND SCOTT this is a sound / alka-selzter effects #7) three willow park: electronic music from inner space, 1961-1971 basta 2017
TAKASHI KOKUBO playing among the gods digital soundology #1 - volk von bauhaus king records 1985
ROGER ROGER ariette des jouets music for fun mondiophone, crea sound ltd. 1971
RAPHAEL TOINE sortilege ce ta ou / sud africa revolution speed-records 1986
{~ ~ ~} ROBERTO MUSCI, GIOVANNI VENOSTA technowaltz messages & portraits rer megacorp 1990/2018
RAYMOND SCOTT tempo block soothing sounds for baby, 6 to 12 months basta 1999
ROGER DAVY poursuite dans la nuit regeneration editions montparnasse 2000 1979
RIUICHI SAKAMOTO e-3a b-2 unit alfa 1980
DON VOEGELI your station presents oscillations three university of wisconsin-extension 1974
DOG VOEGELI the bridge club oscillations four university of wisconsin-extension 1975
ANDRE POPP tric trac le coeur en fete disc'az 1972
SEVERINO GAZZELLONI roman's park {claudio gizzi} azzurra calliope 1983
ROBIN TAYLOR den bla salon essay pingo records 1991
RICHARD SCHNEIDER JR. samba-trip dreamlike land harvest, emi electrola 1977
{~ ~ ~} RAYMOND SCOTT the playful drummer soothing sounds for baby, 12 to 18 months basta 1999
ROBIN GUTHRIE, HAROLD BUDD snowfall music from the film mysterious skin rykodisc 1995