with Yann Koby

Wednesday, July 4, 2018
20:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Label New
Haves and thirds Ladies love lo pan Single carbon based life form Breathmint, cephia's treat, seizurepalace, and tasty soil
Poison Girls Voodoo Pappadollar Songs of Praise CD Presents Ltd
Chroma Intervencion Y Disciplina Typical Girls Emotional Response *
Steve Lake Turn Out the Lights Dig This (V/A Compil.) Rough Trade
Optical God Speed Neu Konservativ God Moutain
Slobs Outlier City Limits: Down and Out in Toronto and Montreal High Anxiety / No Idea Records *
Suicide Fast Money Music n/a Antilles, Island Records
Mr Big Dils Me Want Breakfast Dangerhouse
Mad Men Odia City Limits: Down and Out in Toronto and Montreal High Anxiety / No Idea Records *
No more Suicide Commando Suicide Commando EP Too Late Records
Kino Cuckoo Black Metadigital/Moroz Records
Bichkraft Introducing Yourself 800 Wharf Cat Records *
No more Dim The Lights Laughter In The Wings Wishbone Records
Kino Antill Black Metadigital/Moroz Records
Bichkraft Reflection 800 Wharf Cat Records
Falco Helden Von Heute n/a A&M Records
Siouxsie the Banshees Wheels on Fire Sleepwalking Geffen Records
Priests Pink White Noise Nothing Feels Natural Sister Polygon
French Vanilla Evolution of a Friendship Typical Girls Emotional Responses *
Das Ding Reassurance Ritual Minimal Wave Tapes Stones Throw
Couteau Latex Colere Vide Typical Girls Emotional Response *
MK Ultra & The Assassins of Light Jesus Krist Klap Rap OZ Waves: Australian DIY 82-89 Efficient Space
Echophase Train Cold Waves of Color Vol 4 Color Tapes
Oppenheimer Analysis Radiance Minimal Wave Tapes Stones Throw
Einsturzende Neubauten Zeichungen des patienten OT Drawings of a Patient OT PVC
Skinny Puppy Walking on Ice Spasmolytic
Essaie Pas Les agents des stups New Path DFA