Two Ill-Fitting Frames

with deirdre dionysiac

Tuesday, June 26, 2018
09:00 to 11:00
my saturday suit
other shows

Artist Song Album Label Comments
RICCARDO SINIGAGLIA silab riflessi soave 2017 (orig. 1986)
PYROLATOR am morgen + ein spaziergang pyrolator's wunderland bureau b 2013 (orig. 1984)

RANDY GREIF the rabbit hole alice in wonderland no. 1 staalplaat 1991
R.N.A. ORGANISM after r.n.a.o meets p.o.p.o vanity records 1980
{~ ~ ~} OSAMU SATO forest factory objectless (classic ambient works and more) vinyl-on-demand 2017 (rec. 1982)
ORPHAN FAIRYTALE run rabbit run dragons of the deep rampart tapes 2009
JACQUES LEJEUNE solitude of snow white in the nocturnal forest parages and other electroacoustic works 1971-1985 robot records 2013 (rec. 1975)
BOYD RICE untitled #9 the black album self-released 1977
ALESSANDRO ALESSANDRONI deformation light and heavy industry coloursound library 1982
THE RED CRAYOLA parable of arable land the parable of arable land international artists 1967
RYUICHI SAKAMOTO a carved stone esperanto midi inc. 1985
RASHAD BECKER dances ii traditional music of notional species vol. i pan 2013, + "speak roughly to your little boy"
HARUOMI HOSONO wakamurasaki murasaki shikibu / the tale of genji epic/sony 1987
{~ ~ ~} CHARLES DITTO rock in human terms ditto records 1987

RICHARD BURMER lamento di tristan mosaic fortuna records 1984, the myth from which "deirdre of the sorrows" originates.
PETER HOWELL and THE BBC RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP greenwich chorus the body in question bbc records and tapes 1981
RANDY GREIF you shan't be beheaded alice in wonderland no. 4 staalplaat 1992
PATRIK FITZGERALD travel through a dark scented country gifts and telegrams red flame 1982
OFFICER! bone connections cough ayaa 1985
SWELL MAPS don't throw ashtrays at me! a trip to marineville rather records, rough trade 1979
BOW GAMELAN ENSEMBLE whistling worm fan / bagpipes with dinghy pump / hooters and horns bow gamelan ensemble pulp music 1984
RADIO FREE EUROPE fulda gap laughoncue hedonics record 1980
A.C. MARIAS one of our girls has gone missing one of our girls (has gone missing) mute 1989
CHRIS & COSEY paralleladrill dugga dugga dugga wmo 1998
LYCIUM renewal ionia projekt 1991/2017
ANNE CLARK our darkness joined up writing ink records 1984
NEAR PARIS everything will change near paris medical records llc 2013 (orig. 1985)
DOROTHY i confess i confess industrial records 1980
{~ ~ ~} PAUL NOVA broken rose trees without leaves vinyl-on-demand 2014 (orig. 1984)
SECTION 25 looking from a hilltop (megamix) looking from a hilltop factory records 1984