Scratchy Vinyl

with Tim a gun at an arts festival

Saturday, June 23, 2018
19:00 to 21:00
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Artist Song Album Label New
applesauce tears frontier poets Pastoral Black Cottage *
belle and sebastian We Were Beautiful how to solve our human problems matador *
sloan 44 teenagers 12 yep roc *
breeders wait in the car all nerve 4 ad *
chambers brothers time has come today soundscape time has come today columbia
soundscape ( interpolation time has come today ) ( attempted dr cosmo) A cast of thousands == star trek spocks death - shut up wierdo remix wfmu- jimi hendrix introduction at woodstock -- richard nixon speech end of the vietnam war- apollo8 chritmas day 1968 broadcast- viet nam helicopter radio chatter heaty white from wfmu sound mix wprb wprb scratchy vinyl show
alan watts music and life / /
melody sheep garden of your mind / /
alpha watergate / /
coldcut say kids what time is it / /
melody sheep thier out there / /
wizard of oz dorothy says good bye wizard of oz /
negitiveland over the hiccups / /
symphony science we are star dust / /
mind fuzz mind expansion in another dimension / /
bob and ray public announcement greatest hits /
go home productions oasis vs carpenters / /
cream deserted cites of the heart wheels of fire /
abaton book company aboton book company theater abaton book company comp abaton book company
8 bit philosophy does science = truth 8 bit philosophy /
Go Home Productions rolling confusion / /
8 bit philosophy is god useful 8 bit philosophy /
Black Moth Super Rainbow i am the alphabet / /
monty python a minute past / /
kognitif babe im gonna leave you / /
messur chumps tchaikovsky - beat / /
vivacious crush buddie / /
cornelius i hate hate / /
dj shadow high noon / /
8 bit philosophy is science useful / /
negitiveland the perfect cut house arrest sst
negitiveland guns guns ep sst